How to Effectively Use Sniper AWM Free Fire, One Hit Kill FF!

Free Fire is a battle royal game that is quite popular in Indonesia. This game has many types of weapons to use, such as Assault Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, even Sniper. Each of these weapons has its own advantages. Some are strong in melee attacks, and some are strong in ranged attacks. With these various types of weapons, you can play according to your playing style. By knowing how to play and the type of weapon, you can use weapons easily. One of the weapons that we will discuss is the AWM Sniper Weapon and the effective way of free fire to use it deadly.

Sniper free fire is a ducking weapon that is suitable for long-range attacks. The damage given by snipers is also usually high, then the range they have is also high. So, you can shoot enemies from a distance. With the stats that the sniper weapon has, you can use characters who have skills that can assist in long-range attacks.

Characters in Free Fire have skills. Each free fire character you use has different skills. There are characters who have active skills as well as passive. There are even characters, who can only use their skills, if certain conditions are met. So it’s good, if you read character skills first before using the character.

Here we will explain about, Effective Ways to use AWM weapons free fire. If you know how to effectively use this weapon, it will make it easier for you to kill your enemy. We will also list the characters that are suitable for using this weapon.


AWM is a ducking weapon that can shoot enemies from afar with high damage. The damage and range that this free fire weapon has is very high, even the accuracy it has is high. This weapon can accommodate up to 5 ammunition on each reload, and its Fire rate is quite small. So, you have to be able to shoot properly, so that every shot is not wasted.


When you use a Sniper weapon, it’s a good idea to keep a distance between you and the enemy and don’t get caught. It will be difficult for you if you fight the enemy up close. If the enemy is approaching, you better run and if you can use character skills that can help you escape from the enemy. Shooting at an elevated, inconspicuous position is a good option for being a sniper.

The following are characters suitable for using AWM. You can try playing AWM with this character. Because the skills they have really help you.


Rafael is a character who can disappear from the enemy map. This character’s skill can erase its presence in the enemy map and make it difficult to find. By using a sniper, this character can shoot enemies from afar, while your enemy will find it difficult to find the sniper.


Wukong is a character who can outwit enemies by becoming a bush. This character’s skill can turn him into a bush. By becoming a Camo Sniper, you can shoot enemies from afar, then when they run towards you. You can trick him by becoming Bush and waiting for the enemy to leave you.

That’s an explanation of how to use AWM. This way, you can know how to use this weapon properly, and which character is suitable for using this weapon.


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