How to Downgrade MIUI to Xiaomi Smartphones

Xiaomi, indeed deserves the title as a smartphone that has a million advantages but still has a friendly price. Not without reason, this is proven how exploding their sales all over the world, especially Indonesia.

The one that stands out the most is of course MIUI. MIUI is a special user interface that is presented to fulfill the desires and comfort of Xiaomi smartphone users so that they feel more comfortable holding a smartphone.

A series of unique features are presented at MIUI and you will often not be able to find them in other smartphone brands. In addition, Xiaomi itself often provides updates to MIUI.

For now MIUI is in version 11 and will soon launch version 12 at the end of June. To get MIUI 12, later there will be waves for each smartphone to wait for their turn to try out this latest version of MIUI.

However, it is not uncommon for Xiaomi users to feel lacking in the next MIUI version and choose to return to the older version of MIUI. But the problem is, not all Xiaomi smartphones are now able to downgrade MIUI easily.

And if you really want to downgrade the Xiaomi version, one crucial thing you need to do is your ROM whether there is already an Anti Roll Back 4 or ARB 4 version. If so, you have to surrender because you can’t downgrade because it will only make your smartphone is bootlop or even totally dead.

But if your smartphone doesn’t have ARB 4 version, you can do the following steps!

Before downgrading the MIUI version, you must first fulfill the following conditions:

  • Already downloaded MIU Recovery ROM
  • The battery is at 80% or more in case of an error
  • First backup the existing ROM / Application Data

If so, here are the steps to downgrade / downgrade your Xiaomi MIUI:

  • Perform transfer to the Recovery ROM that has been downloaded to Internal Memory and make sure Rom Recovery is not in a folder and not extracted
  • Enter Settings, then select About Phone after that go to System Update
  • If so, touch the three dots in the upper right corner and then select Choose Renewal Package
  • Later, you will be directed to the File Manager. At this point, look for the MIUI ROM that was downloaded earlier and hit OK
  • Wait for the process to finish. It is important to keep your smartphone connected to an internet connection
  • If you are presented with the option to delete data, you can delete it or not. Then you can continue by pressing Next
  • There will be an Update warning. Press Restart and Update
  • The smartphone will automatically restart and perform Flash Rom Recovery and within 15 minutes you will be able to enjoy the old version of MIUI.

This step can be done on various versions of MIUI. Of course this is perfect for those of you who feel that the new features of MIUI are irrelevant to what you like.

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