How to deal with a smartphone that cannot be charged

Smartphones, nowadays, are one of the priority needs that many people of all ages need. By using a smartphone, various things can be done with just the hand.

You name it, with a smartphone you can watch cooking tutorials, grooming, studying, doing questions, looking for answers, finding books online, so you can just play games. All of these things just need a smartphone that is not large and heavy.

However, having a smartphone doesn’t mean you don’t have problems. One of the problems faced by smartphone users is a smartphone that cannot be charged. This problem is certainly quite complicated, of course, considering that using a smartphone requires power by charging.

Even so, you should have fun. If you find that your smartphone cannot be charged, the following methods seem to be available for you to do to get rid of the problem.

1. Restart the Smartphone

The first and easiest way you can do is by restarting the smartphone. Although actually restarting this smartphone is arguably a way that doesn’t necessarily work, but of course it doesn’t hurt to do it.

2. Check the charger

If you have restarted but it doesn’t show results, try to check the charger that you are using either the adapter or the cable. If you want to check whether your charger is the problem, try using another charger.

3. Check the USB port on the Smartphone

If the two methods above can’t have any effect, then check the USB port on the smartphone. Usually, a USB port that is exposed to dust or dirt will prevent the Smartphone from being charged. So, make sure you clean the USB on the smartphone.

4. Use Direct Battery Charger

If you want a little more hassle, try removing the battery directly and using a direct battery charger or what is sometimes called a frog battery. This method is of course very effective but of course quite troublesome.

5. Check Resources

Smartphones, require high enough power to be able to charge. Therefore, check the resources you use to charge. If you are using a power bank, try to charge it with a socket in the building and vice versa.

6. Battery Calibration

The last way you can do if your charger doesn’t work on a smartphone is to calibrate the battery. Battery calibration certainly has many advantages, one of which is resetting an error battery.

If you have done a series of various steps above and it doesn’t have any effect. The last step you have to do is go to the smartphone service instead of taking the wrong steps and it makes your smartphone even more damaged.

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