How to Create a Mi Account for a Xiaomi Smartphone

The Xiaomi smartphone is indeed one of the smartphone brands that is worth buying. Not without reason, you can try a number of interesting features on Xiaomi smartphones but still come at an affordable price even cheaper for the same specifications.

Not only hardware, Xiaomi is also famous for having a myriad of nice features in software, one of which is of course MIUI. This user interface from Xiaomi often brings updates and additional features which of course make users even more reluctant to take their eyes off the smartphone.

However, apart from MIUI there is also one other prominent feature presented by Xiaomi. This is Mi Account. Mi Account itself has several functions that you can use if you register.

You name it, you can do various data such as telephone contact numbers, photos or videos taken directly via Xiaomi smartphones, even to search and find the position of the Xiaomi smartphone that was lost from the owner.

Of course, to be able to enjoy the various facilities that are present on your Mi Account you have to be registered first. Even so, are you one of those people who are confused about how to register for a Mi Account?

If so, here’s how you can register for a Mi Account which you can later use on your Xiaomi smartphone.

How to Make Mi Account

To be able to register for a Mi Account, there are two ways or options you can do, namely by registering via a phone number or via email.

Register for Mi Account Using a Phone Number

  • Open smartphone Settings
  • Then select settings Mi Account or Mi Account
  • If already signed in, select Sign in with Mi Account
  • select Log in or create an account by SMS
  • If asked to enter a phone number, fill in a number that can still be used and of course active
  • Later, the number you wrote down will be sent a verification code, copy the code into the column provided
  • If it works, you will be asked to write the password you want, press OK when it’s finished
  • Press OK when you get to the Mi Cloud menu
  • If it’s successful, there will be a display showing the Mi Account that you just created

Register Mi Account Using Email

  • Open smartphone Settings
  • Then select settings Mi Account or Mi Account
  • select or create an account with an Email Address
  • Enter the email address you have and of course it’s active
  • Make a password according to the conditions
  • If there is a verification screen, enter the code provided
  • If there is writing Account has not been activated, check email and go to the link that is in the activation message
  • After that, you will be directed to enter
  • After that, select I’m verified

With these easy steps, you can enjoy the various features available from Mi Account. No less important, always remember the Mi Account password that you have so you don’t get inconvenient later.

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