How to Counter the Ultimate Hero Kaja Mobile Legends!

In this Mobile Legends game, a lot of heroes that have been updated later there will also be several new heroes who will be present also in this Original Server. The heroes in this game are diverse, from tanks, fighters to others. But, do you know the hero Kaja mobile legends? and how to counter the ultimate Kaja hero in Mobile Legends?

This hero who has kidnapped skills is one of the legendary mobile heroes that is often hated by Marksman users. Kaja has a kidnapping Skill where she will bind her enemy and then pull the enemy. After that, the combo uses Skill 2nd. If successful, Kaja can immediately make the enemy die immediately or can be used when wanting to strike an enemy.

However, there is also a way for you to be free from this Ultimate Kaja, though only temporarily, but you will have the opportunity to escape from this Kaja Ultimate Skill Bond. We will give some tips, what are they? Check this out.

How to Counter the Ultimate Hero Kaja Mobile Legends!

  • Diggie’s Ultimate

The ultimate of this hero has a pretty good Imunnity ability and the effect is not only to oneself, but a teammate who is near Diggie will also be affected. However, if you want to use it so that you and your friends are saved from the Ultimate effect only. You have to determine the right timming to release this Ultimate. If there is one friend who has been affected by Kaja near you, just get ulti. Don’t forget you guys who use this Diggie hero to do Skill 2 to the kaja. Where this skill will make Kaja return to the starting place he was hit by Diggie’s skill 2nd.

  • Purify Spell

how to counter the second Ultimate Hero Kaja Mobile Legends using the Purify Spell which is often used by several heroes. If the enemy has an enemy with a Skill, kidnap the Crowd Control effect. But many think this spell is not very useful. On the contrary, this spell will be a threat to heroes who have Crowd Control Skill like Kaja.

Just imagine that Kaja kidnapped Irithel, who was already in full build + late game and used Purify Spell. Most likely when Kaja did an Ulti to Irithel, the Purify Spell was immediately activated and most likely Kaja would die at the hands of Irithel.

  • Use Hero Kagura

The last way to counter the ultimate hero kaja mobile legends is to use the Kagura hero. If you know, Kagura Skill 2 can make a bond from the Ultimate Skill. With this Skill 2, Kagura will easily escape from Kaja’s trap and most likely, only Kagura can do this and other heroes are quite difficult to do that.

If you have escaped Kaja’s clutches, then you should not let Kaja let go, do the Kagura Combo hero so that Kaja cannot escape and die there. This will make your team profitable.

Those are some ways that you can escape from the trap of Kaja the Hero kidnapper. So what now? Wanna revenge to Kaja?

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