How to complete the Mobile Legends Starlight Member ML mission, fast!

As we know, Mobile Legends is one of the Moba games with lots of features in it. This is evidenced by the many events that are present in Mobile Legends and even the game mode is also divided into several game modes, ranging from classic to ranked mode. You need to know that there is one item that, if you buy, can bring you a lot of benefits in Mobile Legends, that item is a starlight member.

Starlight member is a feature in Mobile Legends where players who buy starlight member card items at the Shop will get a starlight hero skin which will also get some other interesting gift items. By becoming a starlight member you will get quite a lot of bonuses starting from starlight hero skins, mobile legends items, even you get free access to the hero trial along with the skins that you can use in a gameplay.

In Starlight Member there are also daily missions that you must complete to get all the prize items. To complete the mission itself is quite easy, on this occasion we will provide a quick way to quickly complete the starlight member mission. For those of you who want to know how, let’s just take a look at the reviews below!

How to Quickly Complete Starlight Member Missions

Choosing a Job Desk Mission Startlight Member

How to Complete ML Starlight Member Mobile Legends Missions

The first step you need to do is pay attention to what job desks must be done in the daily starlight member quests. To check the job desk, you can first enter the starlight option on the Mobile Legends Home page. After that you select the Task option to see the job desk that you have to do to get the mission.

Read Job Desks Carefully

How to Complete ML Starlight Member Mobile Legends Missions

You must read the Job Desks that are available in starlight member’s daily missions because by reading them you will be able to finish them quickly. For the mission itself, it is divided into four stages, where the distance of days from opening one stage to another is seven days.

Make sure you read the jobdesk correctly so as to finish it carefully and also gradually. The fear is, if you don’t read the job descriptions correctly you will just do useless things during the game

Complete the Mission According to the Job Desk

How to Complete ML Starlight Member Mobile Legends Missions

The next step, you have to play Mobile Legends according to the job desk that you have read. A simple example is like this, suppose your job desk is participating in magic chess, then you have to play magic chess to get a starlight score.

By completing each of the existing mission points, the faster you will get the score and the quicker you will get other attractive prizes.

Complete another Starlight Stage Mission

How to Complete ML Starlight Member Mobile Legends Missions

In the Starlight Member Task, there are also missions in the Activity section, to complete the starlight member missions quickly, you must first complete the job desk on the Stage mission. This is because the Stage mission is more important than the one in the Task Activity.

Make sure you know this, especially don’t waste too much time on the activity task without completing the stage mission first when playing.

Now that’s a quick way to quickly complete the Starlight Member mission that we have explained. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for you. Complete starlight member missions well and get attractive prizes available there!

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