How to change the background zoom to make video conferences even more exciting!

2020 is a year that makes us nervous about the COVID 19 case. This corona virus has spread to almost all parts of the world. This incident led to the application of the rules social distancing. Even some countries took policies to implement lockdown. All of these decisions lead to restrictions on meeting each other. Schools were closed and replaced with an online learning system. There are also many important events that are canceled.

The Indonesian government urges people to do activities at home only. The #dirumahaja movement was encouraged by several public figures. Restrictions on meeting and socializing make most people turn to meeting online. Today’s technological advances are very helpful in staying coordinated. There are lots of applications that can be used to support this online meeting, such as Skype which has been used for a long time and Google Hanhouts.

One application that is popularly used today is Zoom. This app has tons of cool features that make online meetings fun and enjoyable. Zoom can also accommodate up to 100 participants. This makes this application very practical to be used by students, office workers and students.

You can also switch virtual background on Zoom tablets. Virtual background interesting things will make online meetings more memorable. Besides, it’s virtual background it can also support presentations and avoid distraction. Let’s look at the steps to find out how to replace virtual background!

  • Download and install the Zoom application

Zoom application is available for PC and mobile. Unfortunately, the virtual replace feature background only you can do in the Zoom application on a PC. So, you should use the Zoom application on your PC if you want to do better presentations. You can download the Zoom application for windows directly from the website.

You need to create an account on Zoom in order to access it. You can login directly using your Google account, Facebook account or use Single Sign On (SSO). The usual Zoom account can only do conference for 40 minutes. You can renew it by purchasing a Zoom license.

  • Replacing virtual background Zoom

You can switch virtual background Zoom easily. You can use photos or videos from your own gallery or those provided by Zoom by default. The first step you need to do is select the menu profile which is in the upper right corner. Then, select the menu settings and click options virtual background. Well, you can choose background what you want on the menu. You can choose a sign + to include a photo or video from your gallery.

Well, that’s how to change virtual background in the Zoom app. It’s easy, right? Good luck!

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