How to Calculate the Latest MMR Mobile Legends (ML)

Esportsku will give you How to Calculate MMR Mobile Legends (ML) both your MMR hero and MMR ranking.

As the best MOBA game on Mobile devices, there is an MMR that you can find in the Mobile Legends game.

The methods listed below are also quite easy for you to follow. For other players, you can understand it and later just follow it so you don’t get confused anymore. Maybe it can be useful for those of you who are curious.

MMR stands for Match Making Rate or what you can interpret as points from your victory when playing in Mobile Legends. MMR itself can appear after you play at least 15x with just one hero. We ourselves have a way to push the latest MMR mobile legends 2020 that you can do. Well, for those who are curious about the calculation system. The following is the explanation.

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How to Calculate the Latest MMR Mobile Legends (ML)

How to Calculate MMR Mobile Legends (ML)

MMR in Mobile Legends has been around since this first game was released. It’s just that in the past it could only be seen on the Leaderboard. But this time you can see it in Ranked Match, especially in Draft Pick at Epic Rank and above. You can show the MMR value so that other players believe in the abilities you have.

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In the Mobile Legends game itself, the MMR of each hero is of course different. To increase your MMR itself is quite difficult, you have to use the following fast push MMR Mobile Legends method too. Now for more details on MMR calculations, please refer to some of the following MMR calculations.

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Steps to Calculate MMR Mobile Legends

  1. First, to open the UMR system, you have to play the Mobile Legends hero with a minimum of 15 times playing in the Match Match.
  2. After that, please open the Leader Board and select the hero you are playing, to start playing, usually your mmr will appear on the local server.
  3. For the calculation, MMR that is below 2000 for the calculation will get 20 -25 points if you win and will decrease -1 to -3 if you lose in the Ranked Match.
  4. For MMR above 2000 points, you will get around 7-14 points if you win, and it will decrease by -2 if you lose.
  5. In the future, if your MMR is above 3000 points, you will get 1 MMR point if you win and -15 to -20 if you lose.
  6. For how to calculate the size of MMR in Mobile Legends (ML) you get the MMR value in one game, this is determined by the score in the game such as Bronze, Silver, Gold and the biggest, namely MvP.
  7. Meanwhile, if you want to see your MMR go up on the Leaderboard, you can see the difference after 24 hours of global refresh.

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That’s How to Calculate MMR Mobile Legends (ML) s and some explanations. You can get MMR quickly in Mobile Legends by getting tips from Esportsku. That’s all the discussion this time. Hopefully it’s useful to follow my esports.

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