How to Booyah Easily in the Game Free Fire (FF)

One of the most popular online games in Indonesia today is Free Fire. This online game has attracted lots of people to use it. Free Fire is a game that does not require a large memory capacity but is suitable for use with any type of cellphone. This time there is an Easy Booyah Way in the Free Fire Game that you can do

In the Free Fire game, later each player will be assigned to finish off his opponent so he can get bounced. With these results, later players will experience a promotion after getting points. The more often you win the match, the faster the rank will go up.

To reach booyah is actually easy, depending on yourself how to play it. For those who are still beginners, you should first practice in an easy way to bounce back in this Free Fire Game so you can be a pro. Some of the easiest ways to play Free Fire are as follows.

  1. Choose the best possible landing place

Tips for playing the first FF is to land as well as possible. You must first understand how to land properly. Make sure to land in the right position near the weapon. In addition, you also have to choose a landing that can be used to hide.

In this way, it will make you safer if you suddenly land with the enemy. You have to be as soon as possible to grab a weapon, if you don’t have time it’s better if you run or hide from the enemy’s target. That way your position will be safe without interruption.

  1. How to Booyah Easily in the Free Fire Game by Playing it Safe (Play Save)

Easy Booyah way free fire

The easy way to bounce back in the next Free Fire game is to play it safe. This tip is often used by beginners who do not want the first bar when playing. They prefer to jump where there are not many enemies. That way the position is very safe from enemy attacks.

However, you should discuss with one team first when playing squad. Usually people who separate themselves will die easily when they meet other squads. This method is very suitable for those of you who are still new to playing this game.

  1. Easy Way to Booyah in the Free Fire Game by Riding a Vehicle

Easy Booyah way free fire

The next step is to ride a vehicle while playing. Vehicles can make protection for yourself when running from enemy attacks. Because it has speed when used, the enemy will find it difficult to shoot it in a fast-moving state.

Having a vehicle can also make you go to the zone faster. The risk of dying outside the zone will be smaller if you frequently use the vehicle. These tips are perfect for those of you who are beginners or advanced.

  1. Ask for Friend Protection (In – carry)

If you feel you are not pro or not proficient in playing Free Fire. It is better if you ask your friends for protection when you are at war. They will definitely volunteer to protect you from enemy attacks. To do this one tip, you have to really find good friends.

Usually the FF players who often get protection are female players. These players often serve as a protection, even when the deadly rants are issued by them.

  1. Don’t Play With Random Teams

Playing random will make it difficult for you to communicate with teammates. It’s different if you play with your own friend’s squad, here it will make it easier for you to communicate. So, your risk of death will be small because there is a strategy that is carried out.

The methods above can be useful for you to reach Booyah. Winning in Free Fire is indeed difficult if you don’t have readiness. Especially when playing without strategy and carelessly.

That is some information about the Easy Booyah Way of free fire. Hopefully the information I have provided is useful for all of you, thank you. Don’t forget to follow my esports on Instagram!

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