How to Add and Change Youtube Banners Easily

Youtube is a very popular video platform today. There are lots of videos that are educational and useful to add insight. Lots public figure and artists who make daily vlogs to meet the needs of fans to see their daily lives. Even well-known artists put out their newest single in the form of their music MV.

Surely you are already familiar with the name of the Youtube header or banner if you like using Youtube or just like watching videos. Especially if you have your own Youtube channel. The existence of a Youtube channel header is very important to beautify the channel design. The more beautiful the design, the more comfortable other people will feel to view the channel.

This Youtube banner can be changed easily. You can use editing software or applications to add or change Youtube channel banners. You can only do this method via a PC or laptop desktop, guys. Here are the steps you have to do:

  1. Open your PC or laptop. Open Youtube via the website on your browser. After that, log in to your Youtube channel.
  2. Select My channel or My Channel which is on the menu at the top right
  3. After that, click on options Customize channel. If you want to add a new banner to the Youtube channel, click add channel art. The position of this button is near the top of the Youtube screen. If you want to change the Youtube banner, hover over the existing banner, then click edit, then select edit channel art.
  4. Upload a picture or photo from your computer. You can also click tabs gallery to choose a picture from Youtube Photo Gallery.
  5. You will see a preview or a preview of how the header will appear on various devices. Choose adjust cropping to make changes. Press select when you’ve finished making the adjustments.

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Well, that’s how you add or change the banner for your YouTube channel account. It’s easy, right guys. Hopefully this is useful, guys!

Greetings technology!

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