How many Conqueror Tier Points in PUBG Mobile?

There are several tiers in PUBG Mobile that require a number of points to achieve it. The highest tier in this game is the Conqueror tier. So how many points are needed to reach this PUBG Mobile Conqueror Tier?

Millions of active PUBG Mobile players are spread all over the world. Some of the millions of players there must be high tier players. Every season every player tries to reach the highest tier they can reach.

Having a high tier is certainly a matter of pride for PUBG Mobile players. All players’ eyes will be on you when they see that high tier you have. Without realizing it, it has made you down when you see that high tier.

The highest tier in this game is Conqueror. Many people ask, what points are needed to get the highest tier of PUBG mobile.

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How Much Points Are Needed to Achieve Tier Conqueror?

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PUBG Mobile players can become conquerors when they reach Ace rank (4200 points). If, they add points to become the top 500 players then time update rank, they will be in the PUBG Mobile conqueror rank

Of course to be in the top 500 is not easy because in Indonesia alone there are millions of PUBG Mobile accounts. Not to mention, don’t be too arrogant when you’ve entered the top 500 because every player with tier Ace is increasingly competitive and dares to play like crazy.

The Conqueror tier is the highest tier available in the PUBG Mobile game. You can get this Conqueror tier when you become the best 500 player in your region, provided that you are already in the Ace tier first.

As we know, there are three modes in this game, namely solo, duo, and squad modes. Compared to squad mode, getting a Conqueror tier in solo and duo modes is much more recommended.

If you want to win in squad mode, you need strong team members too. It’s impossible to be alone. Meanwhile, if you play solo or duo, you will be much bigger to manage your game to get WWCD.

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That is the answer to the question how many points are needed to get a Conqueror tier. And unfortunately the answer is no, because this highest tier is for the best 500 players in a region. Thank you!

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