How Garena FF Eradicates Cheaters in Free Fire, Must Know!

For now we are experiencing the Pademi period where it will make us have to stay indoors for now. If, for example, you are bored when you are always at home, try to find entertainment and if you want to play Free Fire. This game has also been played by many people, so it’s natural to be the best recommendation.

In the future, the Free Fire game will develop to be better, especially for the Free Fire Characters section right now. The updates presented by Garena are all pretty good and very interesting for us to try later.

In addition, in the update that occurred at the beginning of this June, Garena is improving the current Free Fire Anti Hack. So that way Cheaters who are still playing the game and trying to enter, will be detected immediately and given strict sanctions.

This has also been proven once, where the total number of players who have been banned has started to decrease drastically. Initially 1 player was also banned but yesterday we got news that there were only 500 thousand players who were banned by Garena because they were caught using a cheat.

Now, Garena has also provided information on how to deal with the Cheaters and eradicate them. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Garena Free Fire’s Way to Eradicate Cheaters in the Game

  1. Free Fire Anti Hack System

Now the first method and this method is quite effective, where Garena uses the latest Anti Hack System available today. This system has indeed proven to be very deadly, because it can detect the whereabouts of the Cheaters.

This new Anti Hack can also directly Banned Player Cheats, so there will be no tolerance for Cheaters. Besides that, the purpose of Wave being banned is being banned in a big way, like yesterday what happened in this Free Fire game.

Anti Hack that is present in the Free Fire game too, is always given the latest updates. So it is guaranteed that it will be clean from the name Cheat.

  1. Report button (can be done by players too)

If, for example, you are playing and accidentally die by a Cheater, don’t leave the match immediately. You have to see first, whether he is a Cheater or not. If for example he is a Cheater, then just go to the Report player.

This system is also still included in the Anti Hack Free Fire, so this will also make the Player get banned quickly too. This feature can be used by players, so you can help Garena to quickly eradicate the Cheaters.

Garena also always checks the account report first, before they get banned.

  1. External Report (Player Reporting)

This External Reporting is one of the activities, where you players will make a video proof if you find a Cheater in the game. Those of you who send the video evidence, must be correct and send it directly via Email Garena.

However, the reports that Garena will receive are truly complete, and the evidence is clear enough to check directly.

  1. Report Through Social Media

Yesterday Garena held an anti-cheat movement, which will reduce the population of cheaters in the game. So those of you who see a Streamer playing using a cheat, can immediately send the link to Garena to check later.

You can report Video Content or Live Stream Video to Garena if for example the player uses a cheat. Later Garena will immediately investigate whether it is a cheat or not, if you do use the video cheat it will immediately be deleted.

With these gestures and notifications, Free Fire players finally knew that Garena was truly merciless for Cheaters. So in this way too, surely the Free Fire game will be free from the name Cheat.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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