Hipster Bunny vs Titanium Free Fire, the Most Brutal Skin M79 FF?

Weapons are important items that must be considered in the game Free Fire. Besides that, skins are also important additional items. With a good skin, the performance of the weapon will be even greater. This time, esportsku will compare the skin for the M79 weapon between the Hipster Bunny Skin and the free fire Titanium skin.

Each weapon has the performance with its own advantages. The distribution of weapons can be seen from the range of the weapon’s attack. From close, medium, to far. When talking about long-range weapons, of course what comes to our mind is a Sniper type weapon. Even though Launcher-type weapons can also be used at long distances with brutal attacks.

One of the launcher type weapons with its brutal attack is the M79. Compared to other FF Launcher weapons, the M79 is a more popular weapon. The following is information about the M79 along with the 2 skins to be compared.


  • DAMAGE 90
  • RANGE 51

M79 is a 40mm bullet launcher weapon. As mentioned earlier that this weapon is a good weapon to use for a very long distance. The level of accuracy is medium with the slowest rate of fire in Free Fire. M79’s weapon magazine is only 1, smaller than other launcher weapons like MGL140 and RGS50.

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Gun Skin M79 Hipster Bunny Free Fire

The Latest Weapon Royale Skin FF M79 Free Fire 2020

The first M79 skin is the Hipster Bunny skin. This skin was made specifically for the M79 before finally releasing the Gun Skin Box with the MP5 included.

In appearance, this skin displays a light blue color with a pink hue. In addition, there is a picture of a slang rabbit on the body of the weapon. This bunny image differs between the M79 and MP5. For the M79 itself, the rabbit is white with a red inverted hat.

For the performance of this skin, it increases the weapon’s range by two points. With this performance, of course, the M79 attack is even further than before. Apart from that this skin also increases the weapon magazine. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the reload speed.

Gun Skin M79 Titanium

Gun Skin Box Titanium is available for four weapons, one of which is the M79. This skin wants to give a futuristic impression that is all titanium. For the M79, the color combination is very simple, namely between shiny silver and red lines. For those who like skin with a simple style, this Titanium skin is suitable.

Regarding its performance, this skin increases the weapon magazine by two points. Of course this is an advantage for the M79. But the drawback is that it reduces the magazine.

Comparison between Hipster Bunny Skin and Titanium Skin

In appearance, the two skins are contradictory. The Titanium skin has a simple and calm impression, while the Hipster Bunny skin has a lively impression. Both are equally good. So I return this matter to the reader which one I prefer.

For the performance of the Titanium skin it reduces the range, while the Hipster Bunny skin increases the range by two points. The M79, which is a long-range weapon, is certainly a large range that describes who he is.

Next, the Titanium skin increases the weapon magazine by two points, but the Hipster Bunny skin also increases the magazine even though it’s not as big as the Titanium skin. The initial magazine M79 was small, only 1, and additional magazines were necessary. But seeing the shortcomings provided by the Titanium skin, it could be a further consideration. The result is the Hipster Bunny skin is still more waiting than the Titanium skin.

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That’s the comparison of the two skins for the M79. Even though the appearance of the two is contradictory, their performance can make the M79 even more brutal. It’s just that we have to consider the lack of skin. Do you agree? Thank you and booyah!

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