Hero User Winter Truncheon Items Mobile Legends

With so many items in Mobile Legends, the use of heroes becomes more flexible. You can make Hero stronger, thanks to Items in Mobile Legends. It’s a good idea to memorize items in Mobile Legends, so that later you will find it easier to buy items or see your enemy build items. There are many things that you have to pay attention to when buying items in Mobile Legends. Here we will discuss items in Mobile Legends and heroes who use these items.

There is one active item in Mobile Legends that we will discuss, this item is perfect for several heroes. Here we will provide tips about the Winter Truncheon Mobile Legends Item User Hero, and a few item info about the item.


+60 Magic Power
+25 Armor
+400 HP
Active Ability – Frozen
-After using this skill, your Hero can’t do anything for 2 seconds, but he is also immune from any damage or effects. This skill has a cooldown of 100 seconds.

This item can increase your Armor and Magic Power. This item has a pretty good active skill. This item’s active skill is Frozen. You will freeze and cannot be attacked for 2 seconds when you activate it. This item is very good if you use it at the right timing, to avoid enemy attacks.

This is the Hero who is suitable for using Winter Truncheon items in Mobile Legends.


Alice has the Ultimate skill that can draw enemy blood. By using Winter Truncheon, you can safely draw enemy blood. When you feel that the heal you have is not good, you use Ultimate then use Winter Truncheon. That way, you can safely draw enemy blood.


Lunox does have good Escape skills, but its cooldown is quite long. If you are pressed, use Winter Truncheon to wait for me for your Ultimate skill. When the effect wears off, continue using Ultimate to escape.


Harith is a mage hero who has a strong movement skill. If your skill is still cooldown but your enemy is still there. You can use the skills from the Winter Truncheon item, to wait for your skills.

Those are tips about the Hero User Item Winter Truncheon Mobile Legends. you need the right timing to use this item. Because, the effect is limited and this item has a high cooldown. With the right timing, you can turn things around.

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