Hero Mobile legends who are immune from Crowd Control Part 2

Crowd Control is one of the most hated things in MOBA-based games, like in this Mobile Legends game. This mechanism, which is often shortened by players to “CC”, is very useful for inhibiting or even stopping the game from one enemy hero or more than one enemy hero.

When an open war is taking place, Crowd Control will be one of the determinants of the momentum and outcome of the battle. If you use the Crowd Control effect correctly, this ability will drastically change all battle conditions. This also makes the Crowd Control effect one of the effects that need to be anticipated as well.

For this discussion, we already have several heroes who can easily escape the 2nd part of the Crowd Control effects.These heroes are quite immune from almost all the Crowd Control effects in Mobile Legends.

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Who are the heroes who are immune to the second part of crowd control effects? Here it is, even though this hero is quite immune from these effects, your playing ability will also be an important benchmark so that the hero will be better later.


As a hero who uses Role Tank, Akai is not the best. But he has a variety of skills that can push the flow of the game forward.

One skill that is quite feared by this hero is the Hurricane Dance which can push enemies or corner enemies in the battle area. When using this skill Akai will be like a spinning Gasing colliding with enemies.

Hurricane Dance can actually be used to escape or protect against CC effects. As long as this skill is used, Akai will be immune to CC effects so he can move freely.


Zilong is a very popular fighter for the lower tier. By having this very high attack speed, Zilong can finish off the enemy very quickly.

Zilong is also endowed with the Ultimate Supreme Warrior power which can increase movement speed and attack speed. Supreme Warrior is one of the keys to Zilong’s Skill in producing high damage per second.

This skill is also immune to the Crowd Control effect. With the ability to debuff the Immobilize effect, Zilong can move and attack much more freely without fear of being stopped by the enemy.


Badang is one of the fighters who rely on the Crowd Control effect after getting a Revamp which is quite profitable. This effect is obtained from the Qigong Fist and Fist Crack skills. This combination allows him to lock onto the enemy and finish him off quite easily.

Fist Crack will also provide a protective shield for this Badang hero. The shield can absorb 500 (+ 80% Physical Damage) when he activates the skill.

As long as the shield is active, Badang will be immune from any Crowd Control attacks. So that he can launch attacks without being disturbed by the annoying Crowd Control effect.


Argus is one of the very frightening Fighter heroes. By relying on high damage, Argus can be a dangerous killing machine. He also has good durability. Argus is one of the heroes who is very difficult to conquer.

One of the features of Argus is its immunity to crowd control effects. The immunity comes from skill Ulti, Eternal Evil. Skill This allows Argus to transform into an angel and be immune to death for five seconds.

When Argus is hit by the Crowd Control Effect, Argus can activate this skill to get out of the Crowd Control effect. Not only that, because the duration of the CC effect that Argus will receive will be reduced by 25%. So if Argus is affected by the CC effect later on when using Ultimate, Argus can get out of this effect quickly.


X-Borg is still a very feared Fighter in rank even though he has been hit by Nerf. This hero has a very high burst damage rate. With the power of his burst of fire, he can finish off enemies very quickly. This hero also has a Cyborg-like appearance.

One of the other advantages of X.Borg is its immunity to CC effects. The immunity comes from the dash when switching to Armorless and skill mode Ulti Last Insanity.

When X-borg’s armor is destroyed, it will automatically jump in the specified direction. The hopping allows him to easily escape any CC effect.


Diggie is also one of the heroes who can escape all the Crowd Control that he receives. With his ultimate skill, Diggie can provide a buff that removes Crowd Control that hits his partner. Either it’s Stun, Slow, or root can be removed easily using Diggie’s Ultimate. Diggie itself is one of the top support tiers with a complete skill kit.

In addition to eliminating Crowd Control, Diggie will also provide shields to his friends. With this ultimate skill, Diggie can help the team well. However, because it has a long CD, maybe you can use items that can lower the CD and use it at the right time.

So, those are some of the heroes who are immune from the second part of the Crowd Control effect this time. Is your favorite hero on the list this time?

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