Hero Mobile Legends The Hardest Combo of Teamfight ML

In Mobile Legends, there are many types of hero difficulties that you can use. Starting from a very easy hero with a simple skillkit to a hero with a lot of calculations that are quite difficult. Most of the heroes who have difficult combos will be given high potential and outplay the more frequent ones.

Even so, don’t make the standard that a tough hero means strong. Because there are still many simple heroes but they are very strong with very high potential. This makes these heroes quite flexible and has a wider choice.

Here we will provide some heroes who have combos that are very difficult to use perfectly in teamfight. The reason is quite easy because in teamfight you have to calculate many factors such as the number of targets, damage, and CC which are certainly more.

This hero mobile legends has a combo that is difficult to use. Who are the heroes, you can see below:

  1. Guinevere
  2. Ling
  3. Lancelot
  4. Fanny
  5. Terizla

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. Even though it has a combo that is difficult to execute, the damage it has is high.


Using Guinevere for 1v1 might be quite easy compared to fighting many heroes at once. Guinevere needs her combo to run smoothly because it can deal very high damage. Different from 1v1, when teamfight comes, launching a perfect combo in teamfight is quite difficult because Guinevere is usually the main target and is immediately crushed by CC.


Ling as the hero of Mobile Legends, the assassin combo is indeed very strong and can even kill squishy heroes in less than 2 seconds. In the blink of an eye with high damage he can do. But in teamfight, a reliable Ling player can issue combos without missing a beat, this is what makes him very strong because he can win against all enemy teams.


Lancelot is a very strong combo hero when 1v1, but did you know that Lancelot with a perfect combo without missing is a nightmare for enemies in teamfight? The reason is that Lancelot is very difficult to catch because his 1st skill can be used continuously if he has a good position and also the combo has a high damage area.


Hero Mobile Legends Combo Fanny is very strong when hunting enemies because of his high speed and damage, but he is even more deadly because he has AoE damage in his S1 and S2 spins. The thing that made it difficult was having the location of cables and CCs stockpiled by the enemy. Difficult to use when teamfight but very deadly.


One word for Hero Mobile Legends Combo Terizla, which is slow. Terizla has a combo that is very slow and easy to avoid, but if he can launch all his skills in team fight, the enemy will quickly run out and flat. His ultimate combo, S2, S1 is quite dangerous for all enemies when gathered.

Those are some of the Mobile Legends hero combos that are difficult to use in teamfight perfectly. But if you succeed, these heroes can quickly level all enemies.

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