Hero ML Item User of Wings Of Apocalypse Queen

When you want to withstand enemy attacks and become strong in attacking enemies, you need a high hero level in Mobile Legends. However, the level alone is not enough to make your hero stronger. You can use items that can increase your hero stats while playing. That way you can attack the enemy or withstand the enemy’s attack easily. Here we will discuss about Heroes and Items in Mobile Legends.

It will be difficult to attack enemies in Mobile Legends, if the stats of your heroes are low. Increasing the Hero level alone is still not enough to withstand attacks or inflict damage. It’s a good idea to use items to increase your stats. Pay attention to the type of hero you use, and use items that you think match your character. That way, you can increase your hero damage or defense when you want to attack your enemy.

Before that, there are things you should pay attention to when using items. When you use items, some of these items have passive or active skills that you can use when buying them. The skill will be active as long as you carry the item. However, passive or active skills on items cannot be stacked. That is, you cannot use the same 2 items, and strengthen your passive skill 2 times. you only get 1 skill.

Here we will provide tips regarding, ML Hero Users of the Wings Of Apocalypse Queen item. This defensive item is very strong as your defense. This item not only has a good stat, but has a passive that can be relied on.

Hero ML Item User of Wings Of Apocalypse Queen

+15 Physical ATK
+1000 HP
+ 10% CD Reduction
Passive Ability – Demonize
Reduces the damage your hero receives by 50%, and provides additional Lifesteal by 30%, when your HP is below 40%.

Wings of Apocalypse Queen is one of the defensive items usually used by fighters. This item will give you strong passive skills. You will reduce enemy damage by 50% when your blood is below 40%, then you will get Lifesteal by 30%. That way, you can withstand enemy attacks, and increase your blood for a certain time.


The following are heroes who usually use the Wings of Apocalypse Queen item in their build items.


Hero ML Item User of Wings Of Apocalypse Queen

Alucrad is a Fighter hero who has a high lifesteal thanks to his ultimate. This hero often comes to the front lines to inflict damage and kill enemies as a fighter or assassin. With this item, you won’t die easily, when your blood starts to run low.


Hero ML Item User of Wings Of Apocalypse Queen

Similar to Alucard, Freya is also a tough melee fighter hero. Freya does not rely on Lifesteal like Alucard, but his defense is quite high with a strong cc used as a combo.


Argus is a Fighter hero who can avoid lethal hits for some time. Himself who can avoid death, can be fresh again with this item.

Those are the tips about the ML Hero Users of the Wings Of Apocalypse Queen item, which you can try. This item is very strong as a deterrent when fighting enemies. When your blood starts dying, this item will help you reduce damage and provide lifesteal.

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