Hero Freya ML Revamp Becomes OP of Mobile Legends 2020

Moonton has provided many updates and changes to the heroes in the Mobile Legends game. This is done to maintain the stability of the Hero, in addition to allowing the players to try the updates that have been set. From the first time too, Moonton’s party has always made changes to skills or appearance on some heroes that are rarely used. This time the Hero Freya ML Revamp is OP in Mobile Legends 2020

For example, like Bane and Akai, these two heroes received Revamp from appearance to skill. So that both of them have become quite useful until now.

Not only that, Moonton will also increase or decrease the Skill abilities of the chosen Hero.

For example, like the Nerf that happened in Patch 1.4.44 yesterday. Almost all Overpowered Heroes get a decent Nerf. The shocking news comes back in the latest Mobile Legends Patch on the Advanced Server.

Yesterday, Moonton officially released the latest update which stated that Freya was revamped by her skills and appearance. This revamp was carried out, because the popularity of Hero Freya is very rarely used.

On this occasion we will explain about the latest Freya Revamp.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Hero Freya ML Revamp Becomes OP of Mobile Legends 2020

Freya underwent a change to the form of her Appearance Mode, on top of that all of her Skills went through a very supportive Change now.

Here is a preview.

Passive Skill

This Passive Skill becomes a Stack and when you take 2 hits on the enemy, 1 Stack will be filled and the maximum Stack that can be obtained is 3 Stack. If the stack that is owned is in the maximum number, then his Attack Speed ​​on the 2nd and 3rd Hit will be very fast.

In addition, this skill will affect Skill 1 and 2 which we will explain later. This passive effect will last for only 8 seconds.

Hero Freya ML Revamp Becomes OP Mobile Legends 2020 Skill 1

This skill does not undergo a major change, just like before. Jumping to make the enemy approach Freya. But if you have a stack of 1, 2 and 3 then this Skill will also have an even better effect.

Here is a 1 to 3 Full Stack Preview.

Hero Freya ML Revamp Becomes OP Mobile Legends 2020 Stack 1

Stack 2 (More Platform Area)

Stack 3 (Further reach)

Skill 2

Henceforth, Hero Freya ML Revamp becomes OP Mobile Legends 2020, this skill gets a very good change compared to before.

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Freya will attack the enemy in front of her and produce a Shield for the amount of damage it deals. But this is for the 0 Stack effect, if he has 1 to 3 Stacks then there is an additional effect for this Skill 2.

The following is a preview of Skill 2 Hero Freya Revamp to be OP in Mobile Legends 2020 when you have a stack.

Stack 1 (Slow Effect 0.5 Seconds)

Stack 2 (0.5 Second Knock Up Effect)

Stack 3 (Knockback)

Hero Freya ML Revamp Becomes OP Mobile Legends 2020 Ultimate Skill

This skill is the same as the previous one, but Freya will fly and the attack distance will be further than before. Not only that, Hero Freya ML Revamp becomes OP Mobile Legends 2020 Stack which it has will be Full. Therefore, if Freya is using Ultimate you have to be careful.

Ultimate Skill does not add Other Effects, only attack distance and flight. The rest makes Stack to Full 3 very quickly.

So that’s some information about Hero Freya ML Revamp So OP Mobile Legends 2020 which is already in effect on this Advanced Server. Reportedly later, Freya will be one of the Fighter Meta in Season 15 and 16. Apart from that, there is one too Hanzo Revamp ML

That’s all we can say, Thank you.

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