Hero Fighter Yu Zhong ML Vs Chou in Mobile Legends

In playing Mobile Legends, getting to know the hero you use is very beneficial for you. By knowing how to play the hero you are using, it will be easier for you to play.

Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends has different ways of playing, so it’s a good idea to get to know the hero you will use. There are heroes who have high durability, and there are heroes who have strong lockdown skills.

For example, there are Yu Zhong and Chou. These two heroes have different skills in attacking enemies. Yu Zhong is a hero with high durability, but Chou is a Fighter hero who has skills like an assassin too.

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Here we will discuss these two heroes. We will provide information about the Hero Fighter Yu Zhong and Chou in Mobile Legends, which you can try. These two heroes are very strong as fighters, and become top tier heroes in Mobile Legends.

Hero Fighter Yu Zhong and Chou in Mobile Legends

These two heroes are now the top tier heroes that are widely used in Mobile Legends. Both of them have different skills in dealing with enemies, making them both have their own advantages in using heroes.

Yu Zhong has a strong skill in dealing DoT damage and strong durabilit, while Chou has a Lockdown skill with a fairly high burst of damage in flanking. Both are hero fighters with different ways of playing.

Here we will discuss the two heroes.

Yu Zhong

ero Mobile Legends Most Meta MPLI 2020

Yu Zhong is a fighter hero who has strong CC skills with a unique playstyle. Thanks to his passive skill, Yu Zhong can increase his blood and also damage enemies around him.

It will be very difficult for him to fight enemies who have strong damage reap, or if you don’t understand how to approach the enemy. By using bad skills, you might find it difficult to attack the enemy.

Yu Zhong is a hero fighter, who has strong CC skills in playing. The ultimate skill that makes him turn into a dragon, can CC damage to enemies very strongly. This makes him the Best Hero Fighter.


Chou is a Fighter hero who has strong CC skills and skills that can hold enemies well. He can eliminate CC that attacks him by using skills with movement, also has CC skills such as knockback and stun.

This one hero will have difficulty attacking many enemies at once. Because, Chou has skills with less AoE, and most of his skills are single target. This makes it even more difficult in teamfight.

However, Chou can attack enemies quickly, and has skills that can attack one enemy well. His Ultimate Skill helped him to get rid of the enemy to the other side, and attacked him again and again. Makes it a perfect assassin.

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Those are tips about Hero Fighter Yu Zhong and Chou in Mobile Legends, which you can try. These two heroes are very strong as Fighter heroes, but they both have very different ways of playing.

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