Hero Fighter Combo Mobile Legends, Difficult to use but sick in ML!

Of all the heroes in the sub-category fighter role for mobile legends, it can be said that the heroes who fall into the combo fighter sub-category are very difficult heroes to use. The reason is because you have to be perfect when using these heroes. With very accurate precision, you have to launch each hero combo. Well, this time we explain in detail about the Hero fighter combo Mobile Legends that you should know.

It’s quite interesting for you to learn because the heroes here are the best choices for you to use, of course. Having high damage and also the ability to do solo kills easily, this sub category is a very dangerous sub category to be used by reliable players.

Here we will explain about the combo fighter sub category. Even though it is quite difficult, there is one tip that you must remember to be proficient in using these heroes, namely muscle memory. With muscle memory, you will find it easier to play the heroes here. Besides that, playing mobile legends combo heroes is not that difficult if you already know it by yourself.


Combo fighter heroes are often said to be quite difficult, but this is not entirely true. The main reason is because combo heroes are hard at first, but if you are used to it then this is no longer a problem when you play. Having a very high potential depending on who the user is, you can play these heroes if you are very confident to dominate your opponent.

As the name implies, these heroes are the role of mobile legends who rely heavily on their combos, be it in skills or movement and position. High damage and some even have very good CC can be the main yardstick. By learning this you will not be easy to stop.


As the name implies, combo burst fighter heroes are very deadly heroes. They are very strong in dealing very high single target damage. With this advantage, these heroes are heroes who can easily lock the core hero of the opponent. It’s very dangerous if they are capable of snowballing.

The most common and strong hero in this sub category is Chou. Chou is a fighter hero who has a single target combo which is very deadly because he is very deadly. Chou can even kill enemy heroes very easily if given the opportunity. Usually Chou will buy damage and general items in this subcategory. Items such as Blade of Despair and Endless Battle will be important items.


For this sub category, it is quite detrimental for the opponent if they cannot overcome the combo control hero. These heroes have the advantage of providing deadly combos and also controlling multiple targets at once. Hero mobile legends like Guinevere are an example because he is very difficult to catch and also has a very deadly ulti if the enemy is off guard.

It depends on what hero you use for the combo control fighter hero because there are magic and physical heroes that you can use here. Generally items that increase your combo damage and also some survivability items will be the core items of your choice here.


In the sub-category there are two heroes who really stand out and you can use them. Terizla and Martis are the best choice heroes that you can use. These two heroes have a deadly combo with their high damage, besides that they have a very deadly CC to control their opponent. High sustain thanks to their skillset and item builds.

Usually these sustain combo heroes only buy one or two offensive items and the rest will be transferred to defensive items. Items such as Bloodlust Ax and Wings of the Apocalypse Queen will be their main items. But even some build items buy two Blade of Despair to increase their raw damage even higher.

That’s an explanation of combo fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. Those who have the advantage of damage and skillsets from their respective combos are very strong and cannot be underestimated. Will test your playing experience will certainly be a very exciting hero for you to play.

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