Hero Dota 2 Counter Monkey King Most Effective

We will discuss Hero Dota 2 the Most Effective Monkey King Counter that you can try. This is because Monkey King is a carry-melee hero who has strong potential in lategame. Strong in the midlane and offlane, the MK is often loved by many players. utilizing Jingu as a high and ultimate damage tool for zoning and teamfight insertion makes MK very strong in mid and lategame.

Having a fairly high mobility by jumping over trees is his positive and negative values. The reason is, a tree that is cut when MK is above it will make MK fall and stun for a long time. Want to see what MK counters are, see below.

Hero Dota 2 Counter Monkey King Most Effective

Hero Dota 2 Counter Monkey King Most Effective



Having a nuke and a powerful zoning tool makes Tinker in the first position. MK who is hit by a laser cannot auto attack to give his high damage.

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March and Missile were also very strong in installments and zoning when MK was in a tree. MK which is vulnerable to nuke during teamfight is also the main reference.



The Constitutional Court, which was often near the trees, was very profitable for WR. Shackleshot and Powershot were hated by MK. Being able to disable it for a very long time when MK is in a tree is a major factor in WR. WR also has anti-hit skills and very high single hero damage, making MK have to be extra careful against WR.



High DoT and anti-hit make the Viper a counter to MK. Corrosive Skin really helps Viper against MK and benefits Viper who is exchanging blows. MK, who is often in his ultrathin circle, can also be used by Viper to issue his break and ultimate skills, forcing MK to run away and do nothing.



Firefly and Flaming Lasso, yes Batrider is a very strong single hero initiator. The firefly, which provides flying vision and movement, also destroys the trees in its path, making Batrider very feared by MK.

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MK who is hit by lasso and kidnapped to the enemy team will not be able to move, because Lasso penetrates the BKB effect forcing MK to buy Linken and waste damage items for defensive item slots.


Queen of Pain

QoP is a very agile hero and has a very strong nuke area. Being able to move places quickly thanks to Blink and catching up on MK trees makes QoP a favorite. QoP also has nuke areas that have an impact on MK on trees.

QoP with Aghanim is also very helpful because the very high damage with low CD is able to drive MK out of the circle. When level 25, the talent Fear also helps to stop MK from hitting him.

MK who depends on trees and Jingu’s damage is easily countered with special heroes. Timbersaw is also effective against MK like WR. MK who are experts are certainly very difficult, being able to find loopholes and being patient are the keys.

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