Hero Dota 2 Counter Clockwerk The Strongest 2020

Clockwerk is a very strong offlane hero, this January he is the second highest winrate after Underlord. Having qualified skills for laning, ganking, and roaming make Clockwerk a hero to be feared. This time there is Hero Dota 2 Counter Clockwerk the Strongest 2020

Clockwerk is able to kill heroes who are very far from him thanks to his Missile and Hookshot. In close combat Cog and Battery are very helpful for 1v1. But this hero still has a pretty strong counter too, let’s look at this one.

Hero Dota 2 Counter Clockwerk The Strongest 2020

Hero Dota 2 Counter Clockwerk The Strongest 2020


Hero Dota 2 Counter Clockwerk The Strongest 2020

Brood is the current anti-meta hero. Does not have a winrate that is too high against other heroes but is effective against meta heroes with high winrate.

Hero Dota 2 Counter Clockwerk Brood has enormous power at 1v1 thanks to very strong spiderling and lifesteal. Clockwerk can’t control Brood because Battery will hit his spiderling and Brood is able to get out of Cog easily.



Just like Brood, Visage is one of the anti-metas of the moment. Having a high res up skill makes it difficult for Visage to be killed by Clock.

Hero Dota 2 Especially Fight Clockwerk with Visage because he has a familiar to protect himself from Battery attacks when trapped by Clock in his Cog. High Burst and can absorb ASPD and MSPD Clock is also very helpful in teamfight, gank, and laning.


Phantom Lancer

Hero who is the most annoying because of this endless illusion really destroys Clock during teamfight. Battery seems useless against PL and PL can easily escape from Cog using his Doppelganger skill.

Although Clock can clear OT illusions using its Missile, PL can quickly create yet another illusion. Hero Dota 2 deserves to fight Clockwerk 1vs1 when on the lane



Clock is very dependent on mana to show its potential, and AM who has Mana Burn becomes an enemy when laning.

Hero Dota 2 Fight Clockwerk with AM because it has high magic defense it is also increasingly difficult for Clock to gang up on this hero. Having the blink skill is also very helpful for escaping from Clock’s lockdown.

High ASPD also has no effect on Battery and it gets faster to finish off Mana Clock if locked together together with him.

Hero MEEPO Dota 2 Can Fight Clockwerk

Hero Dota 2 Counter Clockwerk The Strongest 2020

If Clock locks 4 Meepo at once, you can be sure that Clock will lose. Having the Poof skill also means that Clock who locks up one Meepo will be nuke and destroyed by another Meepo.

Hero Dota 2 Counter Clockwerk Meepo is also very fast when destroying Clock’s Cog. In addition, he has his own Meepo troop to quickly slaughter the dota 2 hero Clockwerk

Those are some of the Hero Dota 2 Counter Clockwerk. Despite having a high winrate, Clock also has significant drawbacks. Against busy heroes and high mobility makes Clockwerk seem useless.

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