Here are 10 ML heroes that are often picked up in July Mobile Legends!

Mobile Legends is a very interesting game for us to review, apart from various tips, of course there are heroes that are often played by ML players. So at the beginning of this August, let’s review the row of heroes that are often picked up in July in Mobile Legends!

There are many heroes that you can play in the Mobile Legends game, in total there are currently 96 heroes that you can play, but who are the 10 heroes that often played in last July? You can see it below!

On this occasion we will discuss the row of heroes that were often played in July 2020 yesterday. Which results from the accumulation only came in early August. So curious about what these heroes are? Come on, look at the following reviews!

10 Heroes That Are Often Picked In July Yesterday!


First there is the hero Khufra who is a tank hero in Mobile Legends, the ability of this one hero is able to counter all enemies in Mobile Legends. Therefore, it is not surprising that many ML players are using the Khufra hero at this time.

Khufra’s combo skills are the mainstay of this one hero being played a lot. Starting from ganking attacks, defensive ability, large damage to being able to counter any hero in Mobile Legends are the main reasons why this one hero was played a lot in last July.


Next, there is the Lesley hero who was often played last July. Lesley is an assassin marking hero in Mobile Legends who is very agile and has high burst damage.

The reason why many use the Lesley hero may lie in his ability to be able to disappear when teamfight and single damage are very high. Not only that, Lesley also has very far damage so it’s very easy to attack her enemies.


There is X.Borg who is a hero with a very significant damage area or DoT ability. X.Borg’s abilities are certainly not just there. This one hero is also often used as an Offlaner. Not only sick, this Fighter hero is also very strong and hard to beat.

The Xborg combo that is able to provide damage in reviews is why this hero is the mainstay of why it was played a lot last July. So are you one of the players who use X.Borg?


The top pick hero or the one who was often picked in last July is Chou. This one hero is a very strong fighter hero in Mobile Legends. Chou has immune skills and passive skills that can increase high damage.

Most people use the hero Chou, of course, lies in his deadly execution ability. With the hero combo of all the heroes in Mobile Legends right now, it must be very easy to counter.


Next, there is Tigreal, who is an old hero who gradually returns to popularity. Even so, Tigreal will get its latest revamp but it’s still on Advanced Server.

This one-to-one hero is very annoying, starting from his very low defense ability to the deadliest one is his Crowd Control skill. Tigreal is a deadly hero right now.


Next there is the hero Valir, which is the mage hero who has been played the most to date. Valir’s ability is very strong, starting from damage, CC skills and others to be the main reason this hero was picked the most in last July.

Valir is a hero with a very deadly fire element ability. Valir’s abilities are very useful in team fights, especially as support for following up on tank heroes. This hero is the best in its class.


Franco became a Tank hero who was often played last July. This hero with disabling abilities is certainly quite a meta in Mobile Legends, especially with the ability to lock it off as the main reason for Mobile Legends players to play this hero.

Franco’s ability as a tank hero is indeed very useful. It also has a fairly strong movement speed and HP regen so it can roam and gangkin very well.


The hero that is often picked up in the following July is the hero Uranus, where this one tank hero has become a meta in various tournaments. Uranus is widely picked by Pro Mobile Legends players to be used as an offlaner.

Uranus’ ability to play as an offlaner made him a lot of players in July. It has very strong damage, HP regen and defense.



The marksman hero who previously received this nerf one is still a mainstay in Mobile Legends, especially in last July. We already know that previously there were several heroes like Burno and Granger who became meta in June, but the two heroes got nerfed at the beginning of season 17.

Even so, it turns out that Granger is still widely played and is a mainstay of some players in Mobile Legends. Indeed, the ability of this one hero is quite destructive, from damage to agility in gameplay, making him a lot of picks until now.


The last hero is Change who is a mage hero with star abilities. After getting the revamp Change, this time it became a lot of favorites in Mobile Legends. This ability of Change is the main reason why this hero has been played a lot until now.

So, those are the most frequently picked heroes in the Mobile Legends game, especially last July. Hopefully with our review this time it can add to your insight about the Mobile Legends game.

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