Hanabi Skin After Venom Mobile Legends Skin

In last June, Mobile legends made a new Skin Update with the theme VENOM Skin Then, Hanabi Skin After the Venom Mobile Legends Skin?

The skin squad is one of the mortal enemies of the previous Squad, namely SABER. which is fierce.

The popularity of this Marksman hero has been exploited by Moonton by adding one of the VENOM skins to the Marksman that they have chosen. Who is she?

She is Hanabi.

With a design like this, VENOM Hanabi has attracted a lot of attention from skin collectors. This nice and modern-looking design form is a strong reference for this Hanabi skin.

However, not only that, it turns out that there is one more survey that will determine Hanabi’s skin in the future, curious about the form of Hanabi’s skin survey? We already have a photo of the survey.

Hanabi Skin After Venom Mobile Legends Skin

With the shape and design of this new skin, it is no less cool than his Skin Squad VENOM.

In the survey above which has been confirmed by one of Dafrixkun’s Instagram users, Hanabi was seen wearing a Mecha outfit that was predominantly blue and white.

On the back of its body, there is a Booster shape design with a Yellow effect. This is what makes mobile legends players quite interested in the new survey of Hanabi’s skin.

In addition, Hanabi still has a characteristic for every skin he has, which is still using a mouth cover and like a mouth cover used by ninjas.

However, until now there has been no further information regarding this new skin survey, it is not known what type and name this skin will be if it is updated later, according to our estimates, this Hanabi Skin will be an Epic Limited Skin that you can only get from Lucky Box. .

That’s all we can say, will you be interested in buying it?

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