Halloweeks Mode Comes to Enliven Halloween Season at PUBG Mobile

The Halloween celebration at the end of October was again welcomed at the PUBG Mobile game by presenting a series of Spooky Halloweeks events. Starting from Halloween-themed skins to Infection mode, this time around. Now, Halloweeks mode is here to enliven the Halloween season at PUBG Mobile and here is the complete information about it.

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game that has millions of active players spread all over the world. This battle royale game has passed various events and seasons with positive responses and responses from the players. Big celebrations in the world are presented in this game, both in the form of skins, events, and others. This time, PUBG Mobile is back to celebrate Halloween by providing a series of Spooky Halloweeks events.

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Spooky Halloweeks Event Series

The series of Spooky Haloweeks events are present at PUBG Mobile as a form of celebrating Halloween celebrations at the end of October. Previously, Infection mode was back in PUBG Mobile’s EvoGround mode. Next, the virtual rock band Power4 consists of four supernatural rulers and has released a single that can be heard in the game. You can also get the four as a set outfit from the Legendary Contract offering.

Halloweeks Mode Comes to Enliven Halloween Season at PUBG Mobile

It turns out that PUBG Mobile’s steps in celebrating Halloween celebrations this year didn’t stop there. This time, this favorite battle royale game presents Halloweeks Mode, which is ready to accompany the players in Classic mode.

Unlike the Infection mode which is available exclusively in EvoGround mode, Halloweeks mode this time is present in Classic mode. To be precise on the New Erangel map. Later there will be Zombie Camps in four locations on this map. In this area, players will face zombies. Interestingly there are several crate or chests around this area. The player can kill the zombies he meets around the area. Then you can take the crate there.

In order to make Halloweeks mode even more challenging, there will be Roaming Bosses present at each Zombie Camp location in New Erangel. This zombie boss, of course, has more power than the zombies that roam around. Every time their attack hits the player, the Roaming Boss will get additional energy.

But there’s no need to worry. You and your colleagues can work together to defeat this zombie boss. Later, if you beat him, you will get items that are of higher quality than him. Of course very challenging, right?

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That’s the info about the Halloweeks mode that is present to enliven the Halloween season at PUBG Mobile which you can find while playing in the Classic map Erangel mode. Login now and participate in enlivening this series of Spooky Halloweeks events. Thank you!

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