Guinevere’s Best Build Item in Mobile Legends

Guinevere is a hero who has high potential when it comes to 1v1 or team fight. He can lock and deal very high damage, making him a killer and a capable mobile legends fighter / mage role. This time we have the Best Build Item Guinevere Mobile Legends that you can use to make it sicker than usual.

His mobile legends combo is indeed quite difficult to use, especially for beginners. But he is very deadly in the hand and also the right build item. This hero has very painful damage, plus his passive, even though it’s a bit difficult to get, but can kill many heroes at once with ease if the combo is perfect.

Guivere, who is a combo fighter hero, is indeed very deadly. In the hands of reliable players it will be very difficult to fight this Guinevere hero. In the offlane, you can even dominate when the ulti is there.

By using a suitable build item and correct Core Item, you can make him a strong hero. So, pay attention to the use of items properly and make them more flexible.

Here we will provide the Best Item Build and Core Guinevere Items which will make it the best killer and have very high damage in Mobile Legends.

If you are curious about Guinevere’s best build item, we have prepared it below along with the Core Item.

Best Item Build Guinevere Mobile Legends


Guinevere is a mage who relies on his auto attack, therefore Calamity is a suitable Core Item for him. In addition, Guinevere will often use skills and make it easier for this item to keep burning all the time. This item will be very useful when FoH and Holy Crystal are finished in the late game to further increase the passive damage from this item.


Guinevere can use a wide selection of shoes, but the Arcane will be the best shoe. The reason is because Guinevere needs all items that have high damage to support her damage skills.


As a fighter, of course, Guinevere will often face enemies all the time, and lifesteal will be an important factor for her. This item provides a very high lifesteal and damage stat. Guinevere will benefit greatly from this item when fighting. This item is not a Core Item, if you plan to play full damage, but you can use it to increase survivability.


Guinevere will often fight using his combos, but not infrequently the auto attack is very important. With FoH, Guinevere will have very painful hit damage, in addition to the terrible Calamity Reaper effect in Guinevere’s lategame, her auto attack will be terrible.


Holy Crystal is the next important Core Item. Right now, of course, your build item will provide very high magic damage, but with Holy everything will increase drastically. Holy will give a very terrible% magic + for Guinevere. That’s why this item is a Core Item that has a big impact


When the late game comes and several heroes buy anti magic items, eating Divine will be very effective, especially when it deals very high damage. This very high magic penetration will also be terrible for a squishy hero.

That’s the best build item for Guinevere in Mobile Legends. This build item and Core Item will provide the best damage for you, especially when running the combo very perfectly.

It would be better if you replace some items, if things go badly and use Core Items properly. Having a flexible build item can help you win matches.

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