Guide Hero AoV Violet, Marksman High Mobility and Deadly Critical

Violet is an MM that relies on high damage from a great distance. With high criticality, it’s not uncommon for Violet to kill enemies with just one or two shots from a safe distance.

In the early game he was very strong at poking and harassing, and when the late game came, Vio was able to carry his team quite easily thanks to the chaotic damage. Highly reflexed players can use Vio easily thanks to its S1 which is easy to spam and makes Vio easy to move and move.

Guide Hero AoV Violet



  • Long range high damage
  • High mobility
  • Flexible role, MM-Abyssal or MM-Jungle


  • Squishy
  • Susceptible to CC
  • It’s easy to “kidnap” with high mobility heroes like Nakroth and Murad


Violet can play in two roles, jungle or abyssa. These two roles are able to make Vio even fiercer. It is recommended to fill the abyssal lane role because Vio can be assisted by mid and support.

When laning use S1 when muush creeps line up because this attack will penetrate the target. With this Vio can clean creep quickly. With the might buff, Vio will be very feared at all times of the game.

To play jungle, Vio is not recommended for novice players because usually this team will use dual MM which will make your early game slump. Jungle Vio also takes time to activate, with Soulreaver, boots, and Rankbreaker Vio able to kill enemies without any problem.


When it is 1v1, spam continues to S1 in a direction that makes it safe. Rolling to the side, behind, and even the bush is highly recommended because Vio must keep moving and keep his distance against the enemy. Use S2 when they run away and ulti to finish off the dying enemy.

In teamfight there is nothing different from how to play Vio when 1v1. Spam continues to S1 and keep shooting muush and use S2 to give AoE damage which is quite sick or to chase and slow down. Ulti Vio is also useful for eliminating dying enemies easily.


Vio requires a very high damage output. With Rankbreaker, Clave, and Omni Vio you can even reach the highest crit in the game if you use the right arcana. If you plan to play Vio in jungling, Rankbreaker can be replaced with Soulreaver as your early and lategame damage items. If many enemies pick squishy heroes, sometimes Muramasa isn’t needed, you can immediately buy Fenrir Tooth and Blade of Eternity in the late game as defensive items.


You can use Arcana armor piercing if you want damage that is consistently high with Onslaught, Assassinate, and Skewer. Vio can also use arcana that is often used by other MMs to increase his ASPD and crit such as Blitz, Guerilla, and Skewer. With arcana crit, Vio can inflict high damage even though it’s inconsistent.

That’s the AoV Violet Hero Guide, Marksman High Mobility and Deadly Critical that you can do when playing this arena of valor hero.


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