Guide Hero AoV Ryoma, Agile Warrior and Deadly Combo

Ryoma is a very agile warrior and has a high distance thanks to his poke and passive skills. He is able to provide high pressure on the lane making it very difficult for enemy heroes to react and fight back. This time there is AoV Ryoma’s Guide Hero, Agile Warrior and Deadly Combo

Ryoma’s high damage and long range make him a very strong harasser in lane.

Guide Hero AoV Ryoma, Agile Warrior and Deadly Combo



  • Deadly poke
  • Strong presses and pushes
  • Very good range for melee heroes


  • Requires the right position
  • Easy to kite


Ryoma only needs to focus on farming on the lane. When the enemy is at Ryoma’s attack distance, their harass uses poke and auto attack skills buffed by his passive.

Ryoma Naginatajutsu’s passive must be used for harassing enemy heroes. Continue to harass then give the Wailing Blade combo to give very high damage.

If the team is not looking for a team fight, Ryoma only needs to focus on push and farming. With this Ryoma can provide very strong pressure and also do splitpush comfortably.

Remember that Spectral Ire is very fast at clearing lanes. Ryoma’s ulti also provides a very high lifesteal, making Ryoma more durable on the lane and no need to return to base.


When on 1v1 lane, Ryoma benefits greatly if he can find the right position and keep his distance. Use the Wailing Blade and try to get caught on the tip of the Naginata so that the enemy is stunned then give Naginatajutsu and Spectral Ire. This combo is deadly on a lane and definitely has a small CD.

In teamfight, Ryoma must continue to keep his distance. Let friends who open war and Ryoma have to focus on the back line of the enemy. Moving using the Pinwheel while dealing damage to the enemies lined up, Ryoma just needs to launch a combo towards the enemy Squishy Hero.



This build will give Ryoma high potential in teamfight. With items that can provide high survivability, Ryoma can continuously damage enemies. Blade of Eternal can also be replaced with Fenrir Tooth for better damage. With high pierce armor, Ryoma can kill enemies with his basic combo.


Arena of Valor Onslaught


Arena of Valor Assassinate


Arena of Valor Skewer


With an Arcana like this, Ryoma will get;

  • 100 Pierce + armor
  • 36 Damage +
  • 10% Movement Speed ​​+

Ryoma requires a very high damage output. With this Arcana, Ryoma will be even more frightening in the lane and the very high pierce armor really helps Ryoma with his combo.

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