Guide Hero AoV Quillen, Assassin High Mobility and Damage

Quillen is a very slippery assassin like an eel. With his high burst damage and the fact that Quillen is very difficult to catch, he is very strong in experienced hands. With his Ambush and Mutilate skills, Quillen can inflict very high damage if he attacks the back of an enemy hero. This definite critical damage can kill squishy heroes without a problem.

Quillen’s Assassinate is also very useful. By providing invisibility, Quillen can move quickly through the map and make ganks. Quillen can also reset all of his skills when doing kills or assists making it easy to spam skills and escape from enemy snares except for heavy CC.

Guide Hero AoV Quillen



  • Very high damage
  • CD is low and reset
  • Difficult to chase and catch


  • Squishy and easy to die
  • Very short distance
  • Easy to shutdown and lockdown


Quillen is very suitable in the jungle as an assassin. Having high damage, he is able to finish jungle quickly. He is able to level up faster and definitely gank from the jungle. Try to roam and help the struggling lane and win the gank from the number.

When jungling ask for support from friends to protect the forest entrance because Quillen is very vulnerable to invade. When Jungling Quillen is hampered, it will be increasingly difficult for him to catch up in terms of gold and items.

Quillen also has to be patient and not carelessly try to kill enemies he can’t kill. Quillen also has great snowball potential. By getting higher lead gold, Quillen can get power from there and start ganking kills


When ganking enemy lanes, don’t aim for thick heroes and immediately run towards squishy heroes like MM, Mage, and Support. Make sure the enemy does not have CC that can be launched at Quillen because he is very vulnerable to being killed. Ask for support or a hero on the lane that you will gang up in the early game for. Assist alone is enough, the important thing is that the enemy is dead and you lead gold and items.

Teamfight is the same as when ganking. Let the enemy front lines go forward and target the back lines like MM and enemy mages. With the same technique, Quillen just needs to kill the enemy quickly and get out of the battle using Assassinate. Quilen who has a low CD can also keep going in and out of teamfight when he finishes killing and continuously inflicting damage on enemies.


Quillen will require very high damage. Thanks to Rankbreaker and Muramasa, he will be very helpful when dealing damage because the enemy’s armor is destroyed. Clave Sancti is also very useful for increasing crit damage from his passive.





With this Arcana combination Quillen will get;

  • Critical Chance 7% +
  • Critical Damage 36% +
  • Armor Pierce 64+
  • Attack Damage 25+
  • Movement Speed ​​10%

Quillen with this arcana will focus on increasing his critical damage. Hero who is very focused on critical thanks to his passive can touch the damage cap easily.

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