Guide Hero AoV Krixi, Mage Nuker with a Long Distance

Krixi is a mage who has a very high AoE damage. Krixi also has a fairly wide range of skills and a large enough AoE ulti, making it a fairly strong zoning mage in lane and team fight. His S1 -> S2 -> S1 combo has considerable damage. Easily clearing lanes and killing enemies, Krixi can also rotate faster.

Very feared in a team fight with a very high nuke damage, Krixi also has an ulti that has a big effect in team fight. Able to deal high damage to many heroes near him, Krixi who is protected by a good support / tank can be a threat

Guide Hero AoV Krixi



  • Very high damage
  • Fatal AoE damage
  • Good mobility thanks to passive



Krixi is very suitable to play in the mid lane, even though he is also able to fill the jungle even though not very well. Krixi in lane only needs to use S1 to deal with the opponent’s creep and heroes, making it very strong in lane because it has clear and harass creep waves in one skill package. Komno Krixi was also very sick in the early game making him deadly against squishy heroes in the mid and ganking.

Krixi, who has a clear creep wave skill, can also rotate and gank quickly, therefore take advantage of Krixi’s early game to shut down other lanes while collecting gold quickly.


In 1v1 Krixi is strong enough if it doesn’t get burst. With his combo Squishy hero can die quickly without responding due to high burst and good CC. Thanks to his passive, Krixi can move quickly when launching a skill allowing him to kiting effectively. Krixi must keep their distance and spam to make it safer.

Krixi is very strong in teamfight because all of his skills are AOE. Spam keeps his S1 and control the enemy with his S2. By keeping your distance and continuing to move Krixi will be difficult to catch if the enemy does not have a lockdown. If the enemy starts dying Krixi can use the ulti and get into the fight. Ulti Krixi can also be used when running away, dealing high damage to heroes chasing him.


Krixi’s core items are Boomstick and Hecate. These two items will provide very high damage. Phoenix Tear can be replaced in the mid-late game with other items such as additional piercing items or Frosty Revenge to control further enemies. Arctic Orb can also be replaced with other items such as Tome of the Reaper if needed.


Krixi needs an arcana that really helps its damage further. Arcana like Violate, Devour, and Hex were of great help to Krixi.

That’s the Guide Hero AoV Krixi, Mage Nuker with Long Distance that you can apply when playing this arena of valor hero. Make sure you have a good build!

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