Grim Reaper Mode Free Fire (FF) Tutorial

This time there is a Grim Reaper Free Fire Tutorial Mode that you can use. With this you can win and play well in this latest mode. Well, before we discussed about the grim reaper free fire mode. In this mode you will turn into a god of death.

This mode is a new mode updated by Garena in a series of vengeance events where you will find a very serious theme of retaliation. This mode is a mode that can spawn many times with many mines in it. Many weapons are also available for you when playing this

So, this time from esports, I will give a tutorial on the Grim Reaper Free Fire Mode that you can do in the latest mode in July 2020.

Grim reaper free fire mode is the latest mode that is alone or solo with a game length of 8 minutes filled with 9 free fire players. Well, in this mode you can turn into a god of death by collecting existing souls.

The Grim Reaper FF mode tutorial when playing where players must first buy weapons to protect themselves. In addition, to hunt the souls of your enemies. When the souls have been collected, then you will turn into a god of death or grim reaper free fire.

Tutorial on Playing Grim Reaper Free Fire

When in grim reaper mode you will become a person who increases his speed and also the damage when attacking. With the condition that you have to collect soul first to enter this grim reaper free fire mode.

After collecting existing souls, you can transform them into the form of grim reaper free fire mode. You will leave your weapons and turn into a grim reaper who carries a large scythe who will hunt all FF players.

The tutorial for Grim Reaper Free Fire Mode to win or shake FF is the following

  1. Take the first 15 kills to shake FF
  2. In the grim reaper free fire mode you will not count the number of kills
  3. When it turns into a grim reaper free fire, the kill will not be counted
  4. Make sure you kill and booyah FF in human form

That’s the way to win in this latest grim reaper free fire mode. Make sure you always bounce in this mode. Don’t forget to follow my esports!

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