Gift Bundle Vault Free Fire (FF) Innovation

It turns out that there is another Vault Free Fire (FF) Gift Bundle Feature Innovation, surely with this players who have a double bundle will get an opportunity to share with friends who don’t have the bundle.

This is still one of the innovations and is not yet official, so we really have to be patient and don’t forget to support this Vault Free Fire (FF) Gift Bundle Feature Innovation. The thing is it can be present too, if for example there are many players who support this.

Moreover, yesterday we also had the OB25 Free Fire Update which was pretty good. Where there are many new features that players can try out, they will definitely find it easier to play later.

Because of new updates like this, players are also very happy and don’t stop getting bored playing this Free Fire game. Do not escape information, if there are still many other interesting things.

Players for now may like, one of the innovations where it can give gifts to friends from our Vault items. So, look directly at the information below.

Vault Free Fire Gift Bundle Feature Innovation

So this is an innovation provided by Garena, where they can give one of the twin Bundle items to a friend. Yup, that way is really quite effective right now.

The thing is, we also know that people’s hockey is different in this Free Fire game. Because there are also players who get 2 Bundles, when they do Spin 10 times in the Luck Royale Free Fire feature now.

If you get 2 prizes, then later when you receive it, you can only get 1 bundle. Meanwhile, 1 more bundle will only be a display, which will not be accepted by us later.

So that’s why this new feature of Gift must indeed be present in the Free Fire game. So that those who have this twin bundle can give it to friends who really want or need the bundle.

This will only apply to those who already have twin Bundles, later when we check the Bundle Set and the twin tones choose the Bundle. Then you choose a friend who wants to be given this bundle, then just send it.

After that, the friend who really wants you and has the opportunity to give the bundle, tell him to check the message in the game to accept it. Of course this will be one of the best features for players to receive.

Because what we know for now, in this case there are also benefits for players who give or receive bundles. The problem is that if you have the bundle you have already obtained, it is not a good thing.

The number of these innovations is here to be one of the suggestions for Garena, so that they really want to give opportunities to people who want to give items from the Gift Vault can indeed happen.

Players will be happy and get big profits too, so they can get the prize they wanted for a long time. For example, if you know that there will be a good bundle in the update, try Spin Free Fire Hockey Tips later.

Because that way, automatically you will also find it easier to get the main prize.

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