Ghost Pirate Free Fire Event FF Free Elite Pass Locations

Garena free fire is holding the latest Web Ghost pirater free fire event. Free fire players who want to get prizes at this event must dig according to the existing X Mark. FF players will be given a shovel as a tool to dig and get prizes at this event. Then, where is the location for the Elite Pass Free FF Web Ghost Pirate Free Fire Event?

Free fire players who want to find prizes at this event will find it difficult if they don’t know some of the existing clues. This time we will tell some clues for the location of the ff prize at the ghost free fire web event. The map used in this event is the Bermuda Map. However, we don’t have any further information on where the Free FF Elite Pass is located in this treasure hunt event.

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At this time, there are several locations that you can get attractive prizes at this event. You can get M11014 How or a loot crate which consists of a free fire shotgun located at a peak location. However, some others only contain maps. It is possible that this map will later be a clue to get a FF Free Elite Pass Location for free fire players.

Ghost Pirate Free Fire Event

However, we also do not have further information about the exact location. It is also very likely that Garena Free Fire will issue this free elite pass on the peak days of the Ghost Pirate free fire event. This means that this elite pass will be a grand prize of the free fire event that is currently taking place. You can enjoy the last day of this event on December 3, 2019.

Several Locations To Get Elite Pass Free Fire

The locations of the Ghost Pirate Free Fire Elite Pass Free Event will be at six different points. Where these points relate to one another on this Bermuda Free Fire map.

On the map bermuda ff located in the hangar you can get MAP. Furthermore, when you are at the equator it will contain MAP too. Meanwhile, if you land and do an excavation di Mill you can get Weapon Create Violet Terror.

Meanwhile, the location of the elite pass is free fire, if you walk further you will find it M1014 Howl Shotgun create which is obtained at Peak. When you are driving on location Sentosa then you will find the M1014 Howl Shotgun. When you are on Mars Electric will contain a Map on the ghost pirate free fire event

Limited Free Fire Elite Pass!

So far there is no information about the other prizes we have. However, you are still looking for and digging on Mark X. As long as you keep doing it, you will find good prizes at the ghost pirate free fire event.

We recommend that you try on several accounts so you can get different prizes for each account. The prizes will also vary each day. Make sure you always open free fire to get cool prizes at this ghost pirate event.

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With you often opening and playing free fire at this event you have a greater chance of getting a free elite pass. Make sure you always remember the location for the Elite Pass Free FF Ghost Pirate Free Fire Event so you can easily get it.

Meanwhile, you should also know that the free elite pass that Garena has distributed is only 10,000 units. This means that this free elite pass is very limited for those of you who want to get it. Hopefully you will get it when you are digging up some of the Free Elite Pass locations for the Ghost Pirate Free Fire Event. That way, you can get good items on the elite pass free fire this season

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Those are some of the Elite Pass Free FF Ghost Pirate Event Free Fire locations that you can get prizes. That way you can guess several locations that will appear elite pass free fire at this event. Greetings, Booyah!

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