Get to know the types of muzzle attachments in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a game with the battle royale genre that provides a military-style nuance of warfare. The details provided by this game are very good, especially in the details of the weapons. This time we will provide information about the types of muzzles available on PUBG Mobile.

Weapons are an important part of game strategy in battle royale games. Selection of a good weapon will support your game to the maximum. Therefore, more knowledge is needed to choose the right weapon combination.

In PUBG Mobile itself, weapons are presented in very good detail. Weapon attachments or accessories also have a function and affect the performance of the weapon. Likewise with what we want to review here, namely regarding muzzle.

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There are several weapon attachments or accessories in PUBG Mobile with their respective functions. It also depends on the availability of attachment slots that can be used for certain weapons. Literally, muzzle means muzzle, and it is precisely at the muzzle or end of the weapon that this attachment is installed.

There are four types of muzzle available on PUBG Mobile, which are as follows.

1. Suppressor

The function of this muzzle attachment is for silencers and minimizes sparks on weapons when shooting. Muffling the sound will make your position safe so it won’t be easy to spot.

Muzzle Supressor is available for weapons such as AWM, Kar98k, M24, MK14, SKS, and other similar weapons including pistols. Each type of weapon also has its own suppressor.

2. Flash Hider

As the name suggests, this muzzle serves to minimize the sparks in the weapon. In addition, Flash Hide also functions to reduce weapon recoil.

Muzzle Flash Hider is available for weapons such as M416, AKM, SCAR-L, S12K, M16A4, and other similar weapons. Each type of weapon also has its own flash hider.

3. Compensator

The third type of muzzle is a compensator which functions to reduce the recoil of the weapon by up to 25% from the initial recoil level of the weapon. Of course this is a favorite muzzle because using this one muzzle will make the weapon more stable when used.

Muzzle Compensator is available for weapons such as M16A4, SCAR-L, AKM, S12K, M416, and other similar weapons. For each type of weapon it also has its own compensator.

4. Choke

This muzzle has a function to reduce the sparks in the weapon. This choke is specifically available for shotguns and pistols. For example the Shotgun S1897, Shotgun S868, and the Sawed-off Pistol.

5. Duckbill

This last muzzle is a muzzle specifically used for shotgun type weapons. The function of the duckbill is to reduce the sparks when shooting and also to make it easier to shoot long-range shotguns that use the muzzle. Duckbill is available for weapons such as the S12K and S1897.

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That’s a brief review of muzzle attachments with their three types. Knowing the function of each muzzle allows you to correctly choose which muzzle or attachment you really need. Thank you!

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