Get the Winterlands Dancer and ELF Free Fire Bundle

Today is the day where the next day you can welcome the peak day of the winterlands free fire event. 2019 winterlands event this time it was titled the Ice Festival Party. Where on the peak day, December 22, there will be lots of free gifts distributed by Garena Free Fire. You can also get the FF Winterlands Dancer and Elf Free Fire Bundle

Coinciding with H-1 the peak day of the winterlands free fire event, Garena ff opened a special mode to enliven the celebration of the Ice Festival Party this December.

This special mode is called snowman free fire mode, where you can get the FF Winterlands Dancer and Elf Free Fire Bundle. Besides that, you can also get a level 6 character card in this special mode. Then, how do the players get the winterlands free fire bundle?

Get the Winterlands Dancer And Elf Free Fire Bundle

The special ff snowman mode launched by Garena Free Fire will start today, December 21st and will end on December 26th. This means that you only have about 5 days to get the FF Winterlands Dancer and Elf Free Fire Bundle. In this special snowman free fire mode, you will get various other attractive prizes. Not to be missed, the main prize that you can get is the free fire bundle and also the level 6 ff character card

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To get the Winterlands Dancer and Elf Free Fire Bundle, the method is quite easy. You only play free fire games in this special mode. When you finish fighting free fire in this mode, you will get a box called a snow gift box.

In this box, you will get a variety of attractive prizes randomly. Of course, in this box you can get the main prize of this special mode if you are lucky.

For those of you who want to get it right away, we have a few things that you should pay attention to. To open a snow gift box make sure you have more than 5 to open the box. However, it would be great if you have 10 snow boxes and open them at the same time. That way, your chances of getting the Winterlands Dancer Free Fire FF Bundle are bigger.

About Snowman Free Fire Special Mode

This special snowman ff mode itself is the latest free fire mode that has been launched by Garena Free Fire to enliven the winterlands ff event. This mode is present this year from 21-26 December to fill the winterlands free fire event. The latest special snowman ff mode itself is a mode that has previously been present in advance free fire servers.

Snowman mode free fire hadi simultaneously with blade fatal mode in advance server free fire. This mode comes with the name snowman sphere where players can turn into cute snowman. You can see how the game is played in our previous post which is on new snowball mode and in the latest snowball ff mode posts

that’s a discussion about how you can get the latest FF Winterlands Bundle by playing snowman free fire mode. A mode that will give you a box with random attractive prizes for all free fire players.

You just log in to your Garena free fire game. After that, you must play the new mode that was launched by Garena Free Fire this December. Greetings, Booyah!

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