Genshin Impact Tier List Characters

Here we will discuss about the tier list characters in genshin impact. Genshin Impact has many characters that you can use. Each of these characters has different skills for you to use. If you use the same elements for a party, you will get a bonus effect. Therefore, you have to make a good party, so that you can fight enemies more easily.

You can get characters in genshin impact through gacha or given events. Each character is also unique, and can help you fight your enemies. different elements for each character, allowing you to create a variety of teams. This is because the elemental reaction in genshin impact gives you additional damage that you can use. Different characters, can help you in making these elemental reactions.

Some characters can help as support, but some can be a dps. Depending on the build you make, these characters can be very strong. If you intend to make a team, it’s better to make a balanced team. Having a character that has at least 1 dps on the team, can help you in attacking the enemy.

This Genshin Impact Tier List can help you choose your character. If you want to know the character of the generator impact tier list below:

  1. Tier S
  2. Tier A
    • Barbara
    • Jean
    • Keqing
    • Mona
    • Xiangling
    • Xiao
  3. Tier B
    • Bennett
    • Chongyun
    • Klee
    • Razor
    • Traveler (anemo)
    • Traveler (geo)
    • Xinqiu
  4. Tier C
    • Beidou
    • Kaeya
    • Lisa
    • Ningguang
    • Noelle
    • Sucrose
  5. Tier D

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. This tier list does help you, but the way you use your character varies depending on how you play.

Here we will provide tips regarding the Genshin Impact Tier List, which you can try. This tier list is made as a suggestion only, if you want to create a team. Some characters are not suitable for several things. Therefore, there is a tier list. However, if you have your own way of playing, you don’t need to take this tier list seriously.

Here we will provide a tier list that can help you create a team or get to know the characters you use. Can be seen below:

Tier S


Diluc becomes the top tier as the best dps with claymore as his weapon. What makes this one character tier S is a combo skill that can be used 3 times. This one character is perfect for various situations such as bosses, domains and others with the damage it has. This character is not very good to explore, but due to limited fire, he can still help the team to explore.

If you want to find a build in Lucch, you can make it a dps. You can combine the full gladiator artifact to make it a hitter with pure damage, or use an artifact that can increase pyro damage.


Venti is an anemo’s character who has a very strong ultimate skill. He can fight the domain very easily because he can collect enemies and inflict anemo damage, then combine it with other elements. Venti can also explore easily, because it can make it windy to climb the highlands. One of the all-around and easy-to-use characters.

Venti can be used as dps or used as support depending on how you use it. If you want to make it a dps hitter, you can increase your attack or crit venti. If you want to make it a support, Kailan can increase its energy recharges and elemental mastery.


Fischl is almost like venti. Himself can be a support or a dps. As a 4 star, he is very strong. Thanks to his skill to summon oz, Fischl can deal damage easily, even though he is not active in the team. He can also become a dps hitter, thanks to his skill after ascend.

If you want to make it into dps, you can increase your crit and atk fischl. Thanks to his ascend skill, Fischl can shoot 2 times. If you want to make it a support, it’s almost similar to your venti to increase energy recharges and elemental mastery.


Qiqi is the best healer here. He can heal using his skills. In a certain ascend phase, every qiqi hit has a 50% chance of giving a stack to the enemy. The stack will heal friends, if they attack or do damage.

His skill in giving heal does sound similar to other healers. However, the scaling heal of qiqi came from its attack stat. The higher the ATK, the higher the HEAL.

Tier A


Barbara is a healer with hydro attack in the game. What makes Barbara strong as a healer is the ultimate skill that can instantly give this heal, it can continue to rise even if this character is not active. However, you must have a constellation of 1 to help it to be maximal.

Barbara will be very strong when using a weapon that can buff her friends. That way, he can become a full healer. Also use artifacts that increase his HP, so that he can get more damage.


Jean is also a healer with a sword as his weapon. One of the healers with a fairly large heal area. Like Barbara who can provide instant heal, but Jean has a fairly high persecond heal, if the team is in the same circle. Fairly difficult to use, but fits perfectly on any team.

Many use recharge energy for their build items. However, it is suitable for him to also use items that add healing effectiveness. That way, he can provide a higher heal.


Keqing is a dps with elemental electro in the game. His fast attacks and teleport skills are very useful for many things. He is very strong for the boss because he has an aggressive way of playing, also has broad ultimate skills to fight the domain. One character that is all-around and easy to use.


Mona is a dps support with strong debuff and cc skills. Catalys users with their hydro attacks have skills with strong damage. The ultimate can provide a debuff that makes the enemy receive additional damage, really helping the team when fighting the enemy.


Xiangling is a polearm user with pyro elements. One of the very strong characters to be a hitter or a support. The ultimate is that it makes the fire circle it, greatly shaping the dps in attacking the enemy. You can also make it into dps, because of its fast attacks.


Xiao is a dps with a very unique skill. He has 2 charges that can be used on skills and is aggressive enough to use. The attack has a wide area, very suitable to be used against many enemies. The ultimate makes him stronger against many enemies.

Tier B


Bennett is a fairly unique pyro character. He has skills that can provide heal and buff. The ultimate will give it heal if the blood is below 70%, if it is above it will give an attack buff. You can use it for many needs. You can use it as dps or as support.


Chongyun is a cyro user with a claymore weapon as a dps. The attacks are slow enough to make it difficult to use. However, the skills that provide buffs cover its shortcomings. Chongyun also has a burst from his ultimate skill, and deals high enough cyro damage.


Klee is a pyro character with catalys as his weapon. Even though he uses catalys, his attacks use bombs. He is a catalys user who can easily damage shields. His skill bomb has charges to continue to use, and the ultimate has high burst damage over a large area.


Razor is a claymore user electro dps. His skill can collect energy easily. Even though he looks weak with a slow attack, he has the ultimate that can strengthen his attacks. The ultimate allows him to attack quickly and give additional electro damage to each attack.


Anemo travelers have skills that can attack enemies easily. As an anemo user, his attacks can expand other elementals and hit multiple enemies. what makes it against other anemo users is, the ultimate skill that moves too far. This skill he has is very ineffective against bosses.


It’s different from the geo, this one is more of a support buff. His ultimate skill can give you a crit rate buff, if you are in the middle of the circle. It is also very useful to protect your team, because geo characters can provide shields.


Xinqiu is a support character who can give buffs to his party. The skill can strike 2 times to the enemy, and summon a stack that can provide a buff that can reduce the damage received. The ultimate skill can make the stack it has not lost or maintained.

Tier C


Beidou is an electro user with skills that can fend off enemy attacks. The skill is a counter, which can deflect enemy attacks and then counterattack. The ultimate emits electricity flying around the character. Usually used as dps or as support, depending on build and needs.


Kaeya is a cyro character with ice attacks on his skills. The skill can indeed give the effect of ice, but because the range is too low and very monotonous, this character is rarely used.


Lisa is an electro character with a catalys weapon. Its electronic attack can make it a strong support. His ultimate skill creates a circle that gives electro damage continuously. What made him less desirable was his range and skills.


Ningguang is a geo dps character with high enough damage. His skill creates a wall that can deflect enemy attacks, help him keep his distance or withstand enemy attacks. Himself becomes dps, because the attack will provide a stack, and if the stack is used for hold attacks it will give high burst damage.


Noelle is a geo character with a strong shield skill. He can summon a shield that helps him withstand enemy attacks. You can use it as support, because the shield can be used, then switch to another character. The ultimate can make him even stronger, with geo damage with each attack and increased range.


Sucrose is an anemo support character with high AoE skills. The skill deals damage and attracts enemies with a wide AoE. Almost the same as the skill, the ultimate gives anemo damage continuously for a certain duration. One of the anemo characters that is very suitable for use in the domain.

Tier D


Amber is a pyro character with a bow weapon. The skill can attract the enemy’s attention, then give a large explosion damage. His ultimate skill summoned a shower of fire arrows, to a certain area. His skills are quite situational and not widely used, but amber is a very reliable character when doing exploration thanks to his fire arrows.

Those are the Genshin Impact Tier List tips that you can try when you play later. This character has advantages and disadvantages of each. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose a character according to the type of party you want to use. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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