Genshin Impact: Qingce Village Supreme Peak Mission

Qingce Village’s highest peak mission is one of the World Quest contained in the game Genshin Impact. You can easily complete this quest in the following ways.

To carry out this mission you can go to the highest peak of Qingce Village. Then after activating the mission you will be given several clues that are written in blue when you see the rock tug and others.

On this occasion, how to easily complete Qingce Village’s highest peak mission in the game Genshin Impact. So for you GI gamers. Check out the following full reviews.

Ascend to Qingce Village’s Supreme Peak

You can see the highest peak of Qingce Village on the geographic map with the brightest green color. Well the brighter the higher the place.

The area is very high from the cliffs in Genshin Impact and is the highest area among the maps. To reach it, you will get a clue that can be seen in the city center.

When you reach the peak, you will find an artifact that you must solve.

To complete the mission of Qingce Village’s highest peak is fairly easy, it’s just that, to reach the highest peak you have to be more patient in rock climbing.

Tips when climbing, don’t jump if the cliff is too high because it will waste energy. On the other hand, climbing slowly can save energy and you can reach the highest peak.

Run the mission on the small statue at the top

After reaching the highest peak of Qingce Village you will find a small statue that has a mission in it.

Carry out the mission on the statue and start doing the mission of the highest peak of Qingce Village in Genshin Impact. Here you have to find a treasure Fragment that can be used in carrying out missions. For more details, you can see it in the following video.

Go to Goa and Defeat Monsters

Next, you can carry out missions in the direction determined by the quest system. Now one of the missions that you carry out is to explore the vault.

He continued by following the direction that had been determined, and open the door to the bars using the treasure fragments that you got.

When finished, you have to defeat the monsters in the area. Now when all the enemies are defeated, you will get a very good prize.

Use a combo attack of all heroes, these monsters will be quite difficult to beat, but when successful. You will get quite a lot of level 4 items.

So that’s a review of how to easily complete the highest peak of Qingce Village in the game Genshin Impact. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website for the latest information about Genshin Impact quests and other game news.

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