Game Against Covid-19 by the Governor and Residents of Tokyo, Japan

Japan is never finished when it comes to games. During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Japan is rumored to be releasing a game with the theme of preventing Covid-19. The leak about this game came out of Twitter users on Monday (20/4/2020).

The game, which has yet to be named, depicts the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, flying around the city. The governor was acting to disperse the crowd he passed.

The original governor of Tokyo, who in the real world, was really passionate about carrying out many activities to handle Covid-19. The governor is reportedly always visiting the community every day. Just for the sake of warning people about the dangers of Covid-19 and the importance of social distancing.

Since the governor’s campaign, many citizen initiatives have been present. It seemed that these residents wanted to participate because they were impressed by the governor.

One example is the use of the word “mitsu” which was popular with the governor’s activities. The word symbolizes restriction, closeness, and liveliness. This word then went viral in Tokyo and Japan.

Another initiative is shown by the leak of this game. Maybe because he was impressed by the governor’s move, this game developer was inspired. That’s why he made a game with the governor’s character.

Covid-19 Leaked Video

Although it is not known who the developer is behind this game, the positive response from the residents shows enthusiasm for this game. Just look at the tweet that contains the video of the leak. There are lots of comments, RTs, and likes on his tweets.

Another game based on the governor’s activities is a game called “mitsu desu”. The appearance of this game is simpler than the previous game. But the character remains the same, the governor is proud of the citizens of Tokyo.

The mitsu desu game is also simpler. The governor just walked straight. When walking, the governor is surrounded by a green circle. The task of the player in this game is to keep people from approaching him.

Games that apply Social Distancing

When people approach, they must be outside the green circle. If you get into the circle, it means the governor is dead. Another unique part is the indicator of the governor’s life depicted with a mask.

Apart from the term “mitsu” and games, the governor of Tokto also received a warm welcome from the Japanese manga world. The comic artists depicted the governor wearing a mask. Then the governor has a magic power that can throw people 2 meters away. The purpose of magic power is to let people keep their distance.

Japan is a country affected by Covid-19. The number of Covid-19 cases in Japan is always increasing from day to day. Even though at first it was stuttered to respond to the Covid-19 case, Japan is now ready to face a pandemic.

One example of a government campaigning against Covid-19 is the Governor of Tokyo. When Tokyo was in his hands, the city and the people of Tokyo were ready and committed to discipline in carrying out the government’s appeals.

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