G Complete the Roster Vega Squadron

Maybe some of you already know 2 players from Vega Squadron, Artsiom “Fng” Barshack and Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasilenkom was announced out of the roster last month. And it doesn’t seem like it will take long to find a replacement that will fill the 2 empty slots. Recently, Vega Squadron announced its newest roster, and the ones who filled the last slot were players from Team Empire, Sergey “G” Bragin, who have joined before is Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev.

Roster Vega Squadron now:

  • Rostislav “fn” Lozovoi
  • Sergey “G” Bragin
  • Andrey “Mag” Chipenko
  • Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev
  • Semion “CemaTheSlayeR” Krivulya
Image Source, facebook.com/wykrhmreddy

However, with the move of “G” to Vega Squadron again made Team Empire lose its roster where “ALOHADANCE” also announced its departure from Team Empire last month, so now only 3 players remain from Team Empire.

Image Source, wiki.teamliquid.net/dota2

Well, despite all that, the current Vega Squadron roster looks very convincing. But all can only be proven by their performance, and maybe this will be their first performance, at World Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčArena 2016 which will be held offline on December 9 ~ 12, 2016, in Yinchuan, China. Goodluck Vega Squadron (y)

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