Free Ticket Royale FF on Gun King Fire Fire, Get it Now!

Playing games will of course help you, to calm your mind from things that are quite negative. Even if you play with a friend too, surely you all won’t get bored later. Right now the Free Fire game is still the best game, with quite a lot of total players. This time, you can get Free Ticket Royale FF on Gun King Fire Fire now.

If you have played this game for a long time, of course there are lots of developments and changes that can be seen very clearly. So that way, all of you will definitely start to have many new experiences and get to know the unique facts of the old Free Fire.

All the facts that have been present in the Free Fire game, must be seen because they are very interesting. So, of course, you can see the changes from the past to the present. Just now, the Free Fire Character Update has reached a lot of totals.

In the future too, Garena will definitely start presenting many other recent updates. So that you players will also not be bored, to play this cool Free Fire game. You can enjoy the game modes that are available now.

Even in Indonesia, we have the latest Gun King Mode which presents its own challenges. So you will play here, using weapons that are quite unique. The event for this Mode too, has been presented by Garena on Indonesia’s Server now.

Are you curious about the events currently present in Indonesia? Just look at the information below.

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Latest Event Playing in Gun King Mode Free Fire

This mode has been presented for a long time, on the Free Fire Brazil server and finally on the Indonesian server today. Playing in a mode like that, is indeed quite easy and of course all of you can play it in a way that is not too draining.

Because of the playing mechanism in this mode, all of you will get weapons if you kill the enemy. There are even some tips for playing in the best Gun King mode, which you can use to win easily.

If you play in Gun King Mode, try to be able to play in a safe way. Because if you play with barbarians, then you might lose quickly. The problem is that in this mode, there are grenades and melee weapons that must be used.

To enliven the arrival of this Mode for players in Indonesia, Garena has finally presented a new event for all of you. So by playing in this mode, you can get a variety of cool prizes that are pretty good.

Gun King Free Fire prizes

The event that is being presented today, presents a prize that is no less cool too. The following are some explanations regarding the prizes presented at the event.

Play 5 times in Gun King mode: Magma Ridge avatar

Booyah 3 times in Gun King Mode: 3 Royale Tickets

This event, which is also presented by Garena, will take place in a period of time only. So you are only given time from 23 May to 31 May 2020. So if you want to get the prize, just play this mode right now.

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All the events that are present today are quite good and very special for all of you. So later on there will also be lots of cool prizes, with cool looks and missions that are easy to complete.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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