Free Rebel Free Fire Surfboard Skin, Play Your FF!

Playing games is indeed one of the best things if you want to get rid of boredom when at home. On Android just now, there are already a lot of games that you can play. For that, don’t forget to play the Free Fire game, because here there are many exciting challenges. Besides that, you can feel a lot of interesting things in here. This time there is a Free Rebel Free Fire Surfboard Skin which you can get in the latest game update.

As we know, the Latest Update in June, has provided evidence that the Free Fire game can also be good enough for now. So all of you who are still playing the Free Fire game, must have felt the latest updates and it is certainly very good.

In the future, Garena will definitely provide many unique things, so that players in this game will never be bored. Moreover, for the addition of the Free Fire Character Feature, yesterday we all had a new character that was quite overpowering.

Apart from that, the events from Garena are all pretty good and very interesting for us to try. Right now we are faced with the Rebel Academy Free Fire Event, where the event has just started and of course it is quite good. Because of the gifts given, all of them are very useful.

At this time, Garena Free Fire also gave another very exciting Rebel event with the free Rebel Free Fire surfboard skin as the main prize. Where those of you who want to get this prize, have to play with friends. Curious? Check out the article below.

Rebel Free Fire Event – Prize Mabar Mission

If you play with friends, you will definitely feel the excitement we feel more than playing solo. For now also completing missions with friends too, not a problem or something that Garena doesn’t allow.

Even if for example completing a mission with friends, of course you will not be bored later. For now you also have to complete missions, where you have to play with friends. Now you can immediately complete this mission, then receive the prize.

Play With Friends 10 Times in Any Free Fire Mode

In this event we are required to play with friends, 10 times in any mode. So that way you will definitely feel a lot of fun, if you complete this mission with friends. But it would be better, finish this mission in Classic Mode only.

Because in this mode, you will be freer to complete this mission. Instead of playing in ranked mode where you have to play seriously, it’s better to play Classic with friends. But if for example you want to be ranked too, there will not be a problem, of course.

Maybe the friend you are playing with is a friend who always accompanies Rank, where you can rank up together. If it’s like this, playing in ranked mode won’t be a problem later.

In this event, we will later get a pretty good Surfboard Skin, where the skin still holds the current Rebel Academy theme. Let’s have the Gloo Wall presented, now you will be presented with the Surfboard.

Apart from getting a Surfboard, you can also get a Gun Skin Box and a Steffie Box from this event. So of course your chance to get a Free Character and Free Weapon Skin is also in this event.

The event presented by Garena is indeed quite good and very cool, so don’t forget to finish this event for all of you. Because to get good prizes, Kalina has to carry out the mission first and it’s pretty easy.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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