Free Gloo Wall FF Leaks on Top Up Free Fire May 2020

Garena is one of the game developers who is quite affected right now, the game they are developing is Free Fire. Where do we know, Free Fire has a type of battle royale game that is pretty cool. Uniquely, in this game, the Free Fire Character Feature is available, where players must choose a character first before playing.

For now, the updates and events presented by Garena are pretty good. There is even a Lebaran Event Leaks which will soon begin. So all of you, don’t worry and you can get all the prizes in this event.

Every time you compete and fight an enemy, you definitely need something called the use of weapons. Without this, you can be defeated quickly by the enemy. At this very moment, there is the Best SMG Weapon that can be used. Even these weapons, specifically for a Rusher.

At this time, Garena wants to add many new things to the Free Fire game. Every Free Fire server in the world has different updates and developments. For example, Server in Brazil, all events usually appear first here.

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Maybe because on this server, there are a lot of total players. But it turns out, in Brazil today there is a Top Up Bonus Event. Even the gift given is a gift that was once made Free on Indonesian servers.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Free Fire Brazil Top Up Bonus Event

As we know, events like this are quite beneficial for you players. Because if we do a Diamond Top Up in a certain amount, we will get a Prize that has been provided. For the prizes that you can get, of course, has been determined by Garena.

Also yesterday, in Indonesia we had a Top Up Bonus Event. Also at this event, the prizes were a Blue Print Hollowface and Unicorn Rage. But for the Brazilian server, the prizes you get are different.

Previously, we attended the Get Gloo Wall Spikey event for free, of course this is an event that you can’t miss. Because for that time, the Gloo Wall Skin given has a Legend level. Now, the Skin Gloo Wall item is used as an event in Brazil.

Free Fire Top Up Bonus

But entry, into the Top Up Bonus event. So you have to do a Top Up first, before you can take the prize later. In the following too, we will provide information on how many Diamonds must be topped up.

1 Diamond: Obtain 1 Coffe Box

500 Diamond: Skin Gloo Wall Catastrophe

So if you’re there, you have to fill up Diamonds up to 500 Diamonds first. So that later, you can immediately get the item called the Gloo Wall Skin Item. But for this event, it will not be present in Indonesia. Because in the past, I was present and used as a free gift at Booyah Ramadhan.

So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? do you already understand the event? Besides that, there is also an event for THR Garena where you can get lots of unique prizes.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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