Free Fire Weapon Skin Leaks in Pre Order Elite Pass 26 FF

For now the Free Fire game has come with a pretty cool appearance, of course this display will attract many people and make players who are still playing feel more at home. Garena will also continue to provide the latest updates to this game, so that later the game will never be empty of the current players. Now, with the current elite pass changing, you can get Free Fire weapon skins for Free on the Elite Pass 26 FF pre-order in the near future.

In the future, this feature will definitely become more and more, so the Free Fire game will definitely be even more interesting. For now, we can enjoy all the features in it. Even of all the features that are present, we can use them to compete later.

Now the usefulness of these features too, all of them are really good for you to try. Moreover, there is such a thing as the Elite Pass feature, where in that case we can use the rare Bundle from there. Not only bundles, but there are many other prizes.

Every time there is a new Elite Pass in the Free Fire game, Garena will certainly present a very cool new Pre Order. Of course, when we pre-order, there is an additional gift, be it a skin or a diamond.

Now on this occasion, we will provide some information about the Free Fire Weapon Skins in the Pre Order Elite Pass 26 FF. Curious? Check out the explanation in the article below.

New Information on Pre-Order Elite Pass Season 26 Free Fire

The new Elite Pass that is coming will be called Redemption on the Brazil server, but maybe when in Indonesia it will be called Rampage. Later this Elite Pass will be here, in July 2020. So if you want to have it right away, don’t forget to Pre Order.

Because if you pre-order, of course the prizes and elite pass when they appear immediately become delicious. Now for those of you who have pre-ordered, you can immediately open the first Bundle on the Elite Pass. This is an advantage, where you can solve it more easily.

For the name of this Bundle, if in Brazil it will be called War Ruins and Ruins Of Death. These two bundles, too, were presented in 2019. Precisely during the first Rampage Event, the two of them wore a Death Cyborg Bundle.

So all of you who want to have this cool Bundle, just pre-order on June 28, 2020. Because it is also said that the Pre Order will be presented simultaneously on the upcoming 28 June 2020.

If you want to do a Pre Order, of course, the price offered is cheaper.

Free Fire Weapon Skin Leaks in Pre Order Elite Pass 26- Fire Gun Treatment!

Every time we pre-order, of course there are prizes that we get in addition. Now this is also an additional gift from the Pre Order, as a starting prize because you have already participated with this Elite Pass.

Now the prize that you will get from this Pre Order is the Fire Treatment Gun Skin, which is the best skin for this weapon. So, for example, if you like to use this weapon and like the Bundle, don’t forget to Pre-Order right now.

Many players have been waiting for the pre-order, so don’t forget to pre-order. Because the prizes given in this Pre Order are pretty good and of course the next bundle will not disappoint.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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