Free Fire Version 2 Redemption Event Leaks, Lots of Free FF Items!

Playing games is indeed one of the things that is pretty good because all of us, for sure, will not feel bored because of playing these exciting games. In the future, the games that are presented to Android will definitely increase to be even more. So if you want to try an exciting game, just download the Free Fire game right now. This time there is a leak of the Free Fire version 2 Redemption Event which you can get in the latest update.

The game presented by Garena is indeed quite good, and has many interesting updates. Yesterday we had the Latest Update in June, so the gameplay in the Free Fire game became even more exciting.

For that, for example, if you compete, don’t forget the current Free Fire Weapon Type. Because that way you guys later, it can be easier to combine weapons. Especially when competing, the weapon will not be wrong when it is chosen later.

Free Fire is still a fairly well-known game until now, so of course Garena as the developer will provide pretty cool things too. The Rebel Carnival event in Free Fire is also quite good and gives lots of good prizes too.

But the events that Garena will present will definitely increase again, so that players will also not be bored to play this Free Fire game. Intrigued by the leak of the next Free Fire Version 2 redemption event? Immediately, we see in the article below.

Leaks of Free Fire’s Latest Event – Redemption 2 The Revolt

The Redemption 2 The Revolt event was finally announced on the Brazilian server today, where later on in this event Garena also gave a free Skin Bundle which was pretty cool too. The event will end on July 4, but will appear on July 25, 2020 tomorrow.

Previously, this event was also presented by Garena, in June 2019 yesterday. Where the event also used to present cool free prizes too. So in the following we will provide information, about Event Redemption 1 and 2 to all of you.

Curious? Listen below.

Event Redemption 1

At first this event did look very good and very cool, where at that time we only presented a Bundle. To be precise, in June 2019, we attended this event which was cooler and many said that it had a more human nature.

The bundle that was presented at this first event used to be present at the Diamond Royale Event, so maybe now it will be different later. The following are some of the bundles covering Hunger, Plague, Misery and Death.

Where but 2 of these Bundles, also present in the Elite Pass that happened last year.

Event Redemption 2

Furthermore, here there is no new explanation about the 2nd redemption event, because it is still new and has not yet been published by Garena. We will wait until June 25, 2020, when the event is reported to be present globally.

On July 25 to 4, the prizes we get are quite a lot and of course they are all cool.

Choose Your Team

In the event that will be present in the Free Fire game, later we have to choose a team. In the Team there are 2 parts, the first from the Redemption 1 team and the other side is the Redemption 2 Team. Where the two teams are involved in a fierce battle, to determine who is the best.

In this election event, we will get a very profitable prize. Of course if the team that manages to win, then the prizes obtained are as follows.

2 Ticket Incubator Royale

2 Ticket Weapon Royale

2 Ticket Diamond Royale

Carnage Mission

The mission that will be present is apparently much longer than before, on June 25 to July 12 2020 we will attend this event. Where later we have to collect Carnage Points and Carnage Tokens, so they can be used to redeem Bundle prizes which are pretty cool.

Login Joy

This mission is easy enough for you to complete, the event period will take place from 27 June to 9 July 2020. From here, you can get Free Items as follows.

Backpack The Final Revolt

Loot Box The Final Revolt

New Free Fire Mode

In addition to the presence of many other cool events in the Free Fire game, reportedly there will also be a new mode which is quite cool. Redemption 2 mode is coming on July 4, 2020, of course there will be new excitement when playing this mode.

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By following all the developments from Garena Free Fire, we as game players will be very satisfied. Because you can feel a lot of new things, as well as updates that are pretty cool to try out later.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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