Free Fire Tips on Properly Using The Grenade Launcher

There are many features offered in Free Fire, and it keeps updating from time to time. Some of the features in the game that you need to find out before you play is the type of zones that appears in the game, so you can understand what each of the zones means so that you can make the right move. And don’t forget to look up the weapons available in Free Fire, to find out what kind of weapon that suits your gameplay.

The grenade is one tiny item, but it’s much deadlier than most of the bigger things around. It can even kill multiple enemies around as it explodes. However, there’s an even better item that you can use. It’s the grenade launcher. Here we’ll tell you how to properly use the grenade launcher in Free Fire.

1. Use Alvaro as Your Character

As you might know it, Alvaro is a character that is considered an explosive specialist. So the grenade is surely Alvaro’s best friend. If you want to actively use the grenade launcher in a match, you can use Alvaro as your character in the game. You can also check out Alvaro’s deadly combination here.

2. Don’t Use It for One-on-one Battle

The grenade launcher has a unique damage mechanism. It’s an item with a huge damage rate, but the damage characteristic is spreading towards the area around it. It depends on where you want to throw the grenade. So, because the spread mechanism, the grenade will not be as effective in one-on-one firefight. The grenade launcher will be even more useless if you’re facing your enemy head on.

3. Hide to Attack

The grenade can also be thrown stealthily. So it will be more effective if you’re using the grenade launcher while hiding against your enemy. If your enemy is not aware of your presence, it will be easier to ambush them with the grenade explosion as the beginning of your attack.

4. Try to Find the RGS50

The RGS50 is a grenade launcher with a great amount of damage given. It can also be easily shot towards a vehicle. You can also check out these tips on using the RGS50.

5. Find a Higher Position

If you’re using a grenade, it will be more advantageous for you if you’re in a higher ground than your enemy. You will have better vision, and a grenade launcher will not leave any mark in the minimap so it’s good for you.

6. Aim Towards Enemy LinesPro Tips free fire

If your enemy is running, don’t aim towards the enemy directly. Instead, you can aim towards his escaping route so he’ll fluster and your enemy might have gotten knocked out.

7. Suitable for Attacking a House

This weapon has nearly the same function as the grenade. To storm a house. If you spot an enemy hiding in a house together, just storm them with the grenade launcher. They will surely be panic because the grenade launcher has many ammo for you to shoot.

8. Don’t Forget the Gloo Wall

The last thing you can do is to use the gloo wall. So you can cover yourself while in a battle. You can shoot the grenade launcher while hiding behind it. But be careful because the grenade launcher might hurt yourself in you’re not shooting it accurately.

That’s some info that we can give about the grenade launcher. How is it? Are you ready for some explosion in the match later on? Be ready!

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