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When you play video games, you will surely need some guidance if you play it for the first time. Tips can be really important for you new players. In Free Fire, tips can also be useful for you to get better in the game. Tips on this game will make you win easier than before. Even though it may sound trivial, these tips can be very useful if you’re applying it in the game later on. Here’s some tips for you to easily become a pro player in Free Fire.

1. Use Any Close Range Weaponry for the Primary Slot

Primary slot is the main weapon that you’ll use in Free Fire. The access to this weapon is way easier that the secondary slot. The suitable weapon for you to use in this primary slot is the SMG. You need a close range weapon because you wouldn’t instantly know where the enemy is coming from. By using this weapon, you’ll get more aware of the approaching enemy, and you can counter your enemy easier. So the SMG is the best option for you.

2. Make the Best Team Combination

If you’re watching a live stream of a pro player, you’ll notice that every member is using different weaponry setups. Every team member use different weapons, because every member have different roles in the game. For instance, in a 4 member squad, there are 4 different roles that each players can decide. There can be a rusher with their shotgun, medic with the treatment gun, flanker with their AR, and the fragger with the SMG, etc. The right combination can make your squad becoming a really powerful one, either for defense or offense capability.

3. Apply a Weapon Skin that Increases the Rate of Fire

If you have some weapon skin in Free Fire, make sure you’re using a skin that increases the rate of fire of your weapon. If the rate of fire is increased, then you can kill your enemies faster. Even though the damage of your weapon is quite moderate, it can still be a dangerous weapon if the rate of fire is increased.

4. Learn From Your Mistakes

This is really important for everyone playing every game. You don’t have to be sorry for the mistakes that you’ve done. Instead, you can get better by acknowledging your mistakes and learn from it. So you won’t repeat the same mistake over and over again. And don’t blame your teammate in case your team is losing the game.

And that’s some tips that we can give for you guys in order to easily become a pro. Start applying these tips now and see if you can get better in the game. Good luck!

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