Free Fire Rank Order and FF Rank Reset Prizes!

On January 2, 2020 yesterday, Free Fire experienced a Rank Reset which resulted in all players finally falling back from the highest Rank to start a new season. Besides that, there are many prizes that you can get after the Rank Reset occurs. This time there is a Season 13 FF Rank Order and a Rank Reset Prize

Now there are many players who are competing to reach the highest rank, namely the Grand Master. At this level, you have officially become a part of the Pro Player because you have occupied the best position in your country.

On this occasion we are not discussing how to move up to the Grandmaster Rank, but we will discuss about Rank and Rank in the 13th Season now.

We will also provide some explanations about the prizes that you might get at each rank that has been raised quite struggling.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Additional information, Rank will be reset again on March 2, 2020. Rank Free Fire will last for 3 months.

FF Rank Order and Free Fire Rank Reset Prizes

  1. Bronze

This is the lowest Rank level in the Free Fire game, Bronze has 3 Stages that you must pass to get to the next rank. Bronze has a total point range of 1000 to 1300 point rank.

If successful, then you can get a Reward like this if when you reset your Rank you get a Bronze level.

Bronze 1: you will get 1000 Gold
Bronze 2: at this stage you will get 1 supply unit, 1 scanner unit, and of course you will get 5 units of token rank and 1000 gold
Bronze 3: you will get 1 unit bonfire, 1 unit map, 10 unit rank tokens, and 1000 gold

  1. Silver

In the Silver Rank there are 3 levels that you must pass, if you really want to go up to a higher rank than Silver. This rank has a total Point Rank of 1301 to 1600.

If you manage to get this Rank until the Season reset, the prizes you will get are also in accordance with what is in the Silver Rank.

Silver 1: 1 Silver banner, 2 units drop, 20 units of token rank and 1500 gold
Silver 2: 1 drop unit, 2 supply map units, 30 token rank units and 1500 gold
Silver 3: 1 Bonfire, 2 scanners, 40 token rank units and 1500 gold

  1. Gold

The order of the FF Season 13 Rank and the Reset Rank Prizes at the existing levels are more than Bronze and Silver. That is, there are 4 levels that you must pass first. This rank has a point Rank from 1601 to 2100, a higher number than the previous rank.

The prizes that you will get will also become more attractive and a lot more after reaching this Gold rank.

Gold 1: 1 Banner Gold, 1 Gold Shirt, 50 Rank Tokens and 2000 Gold

Gold 2: 1 Unit exp points 3 days 1 unit Gold Royale Voucher, 70 Rank Tokens and Gold 2000

Gold 3: 2 Bonfire Units and Supply Units, 90 Token Rank and 2000 Gold

Gold 4: 2 Unit Supply and Unit Map, 110 Token Rank and 2000 Gold

  1. Rank FF Season 13 and Platinum Rank Reset Prizes

The next level is Platinum, if you want to move up to the next rank, you have to pass the 4 levels in that rank. This rank has a total Point Rank from 2101 to 2600.

You will get more attractive rewards if you reach this Rank when the Reset season occurs.

Platinum 1: 1 Platinum Banner and 1 Unit 3 Day exp Point. Other prizes are 150 Token Rank and 2500 gold
Platinum 2: 2 Bonfire Units and a Gold Royale Voucher. You will also get 200 Rank Tokens and 2500 gold
Paltinum 3: 3 scanner unit with 2 supply unit. In addition, you will also get 250 rank tokens and 2500 gold
Platinum 4: 3 Unit of gold royale voucher and Unit Map. Then there are 300 rank tokens and 2500 gold


  1. Diamond

The next free fire rank sequence is this Diamond Rank Ranking has 4 levels that must be passed by every player. This Diamond Rank has a number of Points Rank from 2601 to 3200.

The rewards that you will get in this Rank are more and more interesting than before.

Diamond 1: 1 Banner Diamond, 1 Unit 50% gold up 3 days, then you will get 350 Rank Tokens and 3000 gold
Diamond 2: 3 Bonfire Units, 2 Character Fragment Units, besides that you will also get 425 Token Rank and 3000 gold
Diamond 3: 3 Unit map and Character Fragment Units. The other total prizes are 525 Token Rank and 3000 gold
Diamond 4: 3 Unit drop and Unit gold royale voucher. There are also prizes in the form of 625 Rank Tokens and 3000 gold

  1. Heroic

The free fire rank order is a very high rank and many players call this rank Master or Heroic. For levels in this rank there is only one level, because this is a high tier, which is a total number of points of 3200 and above.

You will get rewards that are more attractive than before if you reach this rank.

Heroic : 1 Heroic Banner and Heroic T-Shirt. In addition, there are 750 Token Rank, 5000 gold and Heroic Avatar Banners

  1. Grandmaster

Top 300 Free Fire players from each country will be selected to enter the Grandmaster Rank and be in the Rank List later. The prizes that you will get are in the form of a Grandmaster Banner Animation and an Avatar as a season prize for the Grand Master.

That’s some information on the FF Season 13 Rank Order and the current Rank Reset Prizes. Where have you pushed the Free Fire rank ?. The spirit of our review this time is especially useful for those of you who are true Free Fire players. Of course, knowing the ranks above can add to your insight.

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