Free Fire Kitsune Skin Bag When Pre-Order Elite Pass S25 FF

Playing games will indeed provide a sensation, so that you all definitely don’t feel bored at all. For this, try the Free Fire game which is popular for now. Where the game has indeed been proven to have a lot of players, and has received lots of the latest updates in it. This time there are grFix the skin for the Kitsune Free Fire bag when you pre-order the Elite Pass S25 FF that you can get.

If you play the Free Fire game, of course there are many new challenges and interesting features that can be taken advantage of. For the Free Fire Character Feature only, now there are still many who use it. Because the match is easier, because of the abilities of these characters.

In June 2020, we will have 8 Latest Updates on Free Fire later. So all of you, of course, must not miss this sizeable update. Because of course the new update is really good to try.

For this upcoming June 2020, we will all also have the newest Elite Pass Season 25. Where in this Elite Pass theme, Garena Free Fire Indonesia gives the name Fabled Fox. The external server still has the name Agent Fox, but in Indonesia it has changed.

The Elite Pass, which will be available in June 2020 tomorrow, is one of the best Elite passes in 2020 after Trap Squad. This is because the appearance of this character bundle, it looks very luxurious and will not be matched at all.

Even those of you who want to Pre Order, can do it now. Check out the article below.

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Latest Pre Order Elite Pass Season 25 Free Fire Indonesia Server

As we know, Pre Order is a term where we have bought or ordered an item that will be present later. Of course, by doing things like this, all of you will first receive the Pre Order items.

That way, all of you, of course, won’t want to miss the Pre Order in the Free Fire game either. In this case, Garena provides a big discount on the Pre Order Elite Pass. Later, what you will get is an Elite Pass in the Premium edition.

Of course, the original price is quite expensive, where you have to spend up to 1499 Diamonds to buy it. But if you use this Pre Order, of course the Elite Pass can be obtained at a substantial discount.

Only 999 Diamond Free Fire

Initially, the price was 1499 Diamonds, but later in this Pre Order you will only get a price of up to 999 Diamonds. Lots of interesting features and things, if all of you really managed to get this Elite Pass properly.

This Pre Order has been opened by Garena, so those of you who haven’t pre-ordered must do it immediately. So that later you can get an Elite Pass at cheap prices, and you can also immediately get the first Grand Prize when pre-ordering.

This Premium Elite Pass will immediately open the first Bundle Prize for this feature, so don’t miss this Pre Order. You can also get other prizes from the Pre Order Event, you can later get a Fox Kitsune Bag for free.

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By placing a Pre Order like this, you will get lots of very good benefits. So for now, there are already many players who pre-order this. So that you too, can’t miss it.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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