Free Fire Indonesia Supermarket Event, Get the Latest FF Discount!

Free Fire is one of the most famous Battle Royale games today, even the game has more than 250 million total players. In this way, of course you can get a lot of new challenges because there are a lot of players. Even Free Fire has also been presented very well, be it events or updates.

So of course it’s natural, if this game is really very busy to play. Free Fire was developed directly by Garena, so that all updates that are available now are sufficiently maintained. Even Garena, too, will continue to present many other updates.

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In this game we also have the presence of a feature called Free Fire Characters, so before competing you have to choose a character first. After that, then you can compete without the need to be afraid anymore because you use strong characters. Don’t forget to equip the character with the Best Free Fire SMG Weapon, so you can rush comfortably.

Besides that, there are also some other information that you can try, of course. Even now, Free Fire has presented a lot of Loadout items. So this is a feature of using Loadout, there are even several ways to use the Treasure Map Loadout in the match.

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Now, Free Fire Indonesia has got a leak of the latest Supermarket Web Event. It has even been reviewed by Kulgar, where we have also discussed this first. The Brazil free ire supermarket event presents quite a unique prize.

So what about in Indonesia?

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Free Fire Indonesia Supermarket Event

youtube / kulgar

At this event, the items presented were quite different from those in Brazil. Reportedly, the Brazilian Dino Angelic bundle was not present at the Indonesian Supermarket event. Most likely, Dino Angelic’s canteen will be present at certain events.

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Kulgar did a review on this event, and even bought a variety of interesting items that are pretty good. You can even reset these prizes and replace them with new prizes. Even the event use system remains the same as in Brazil.

youtube / kulgar

Where later, you have to choose 3 items that you want to buy. After it has been selected, then you can immediately buy it at a fairly cheap price. Of course, by participating in this event, you can save on Diamond expenses.

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Can Reset Item Free Fire

youtube / kulgar

Not only that, when you think there are items that don’t match and aren’t too interesting. Of course, you can reset these items and replace them with new ones. For the first time resetting a prize, you will be given 3 free opportunities.

But if all of them have been used, later you will have to use 20 Diamonds to do 1 reset. Even if you’re lucky, there are rare items such as bundles or weapon skins that can come by doing the free Reset.

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So, those are some information on the Free Fire Indonesia Supermarket Event that we can convey on this occasion.

Apart from this information, you can also get the Best Kla Character Review for now. Even Kla is one of the most dangerous, up close. Right now, there is some information on How to Use the RGS50 Correctly. So that later you can beat the enemy easily.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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