Free Fire Helmet Vest Quickly Damaged? Follow This To Stay Long!

The equipment that you use in the Battle Royale game will one day be damaged and you have to replace it by looking for new equipment in the places that have been provided, such as in buildings. In the Free Fire Game, this also applies, because if you use equipment, then you will get a fairly strong security, this equipment is a Level 3 Free Fire Helmet Vest.

Both of these equipment are things that are often sought after by many players who play in the Battle Arena. There are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Helmet and Vests. If you use these equipment, then you will feel safe and the damage that the enemy deals will decrease, but if you ignore this, then you will most likely die quickly.

For Free Fire Helmet Vests Level 1 and 2 it is easy enough for you to find in the houses there, but if you have reached Level 3, there is little chance that you can get it in the house, but most likely you can find it easily inside. Water Drop.

Vests and Helmets can also be damaged, this time we will provide some tips so that your equipment is not easily damaged. What are some of them? This is it!

Follow this method to stay durable!

  1. Move Using Vehicles.

The vehicle will protect you quite safely and can secure your equipment without being damaged at all, you can use the speed of this vehicle to move places quickly and you can even use it to kill enemies by hitting it at high speed.

You can also use vehicles to protect yourself if you see enemies hiding when shooting at you. You just need to get down and use that part of the car to hide behind it so that the enemy can’t do big damage to you.

  1. Take cover behind something.

If you are attacked by an enemy who has a large amount of damage, your Vest and Helm if you are damaged by the enemy, then the blood that is owned by the Vest and Helm will decrease as well. If the blood that the equipment has runs out, you will have very little defense and will become an easy target for enemies who are targeting you.

  1. Free Fire Helmet Vest Damaged immediately replace a new one.

This last thing is quite important if this happens to yourself, a damaged VeVest Helmet Free Fire can add to the damage that the enemy gives you and this will be a very detrimental thing, because you can die quickly. If it is damaged, you should look for new equipment and replace it immediately. Even though the new equipment you find is of a smaller level than before, it’s okay this isn’t a problem, the most important thing is that you have a defense that can reduce the enemy’s damage to you.

Those are some ways so that the Free Fire Helmet Vest that you are using is not easily destroyed and if it is destroyed, immediately replace a new one so that you don’t die quickly.

Greetings, Booyah!


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates

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